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Inter-State Signs specializes in sign repair, maintenance, concept, and production. We have been in business for over 20 years and are the most trusted sign repair shop in Pennsylvania. We do business all over the country and there is no job too small or too big for us to handle.


Neon signs are some of the most eye-catching, affordable, and energy efficient products on the market. The glass tubes can be shaped into almost any form, and can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When choosing your storefront sign, you want to fit in but yet stand out. You want it to blend in with the buildings around it so there is a harmonious atmosphere, but it also needs to attract attention. Write your store's name in large, bold letters in a unique but easy-to-read font.


If your company has an annual sale that is larger than all others during the year, important information about what's available for sale and for how long can be incorporated into a company's storefront sign.


Essentially, the typeface you choose can make the difference between a good and a bad sign. Text that is too bold or bright will be hard to read and distracting, but those that are too light will cause the text to fall into the background, making it difficult to read as well.


Many very large, beautifully detailed, elaborately made signs were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, with wrought-iron supports and swinging signs. Many of these still stand today, the posts and metal supports protruding from the buildings over the street.


One of the best known signs in the world is the Times Square Bell, which has a history of more than 100 years. Located at One Times Square, New York City, it has been featured in countless movies and is also the site of the New Year's Eve ball-drop ceremonies.


When it comes to your storefront, you want to avoid painting sign information directly on the wall, as painted wall signs are vulnerable to graffiti and hard to maintain. For a more professional look, it’s best to have a sign made and hung instead.


When it comes to your storefront sign, you want to attract attention from as far away as possible to let people know that you are there. This should include your business name, company colors, maybe a logo, and if possible something indicating what you do.


A study of an established business in San Diego found that up to 35 percent of the people who passed by the business each day weren't familiar with the company or what it offered to potential customers, according to the International Sign Association.


Do you have large windows that face the street? These are perfect locations for custom-made printed vinyl signs that can replicate advertising, display a company logo or offer other important information.


Storefront signs serve many purposes. Not only do they clearly identify your business and its purpose but also helps build trust and legitimacy with your customers. You want your store sign to be eye-catching, intriguing, and build an emotional connections that resonates with customers.


Not sure what type of font to choose for your storefront signage? In order to keep your branding consistent, it’s recommended that you use the same front from your logo, as well as incorporating (or using exclusively) your logo colors as well.


Have you ever seen the Coca Cola bottle in Times Square in New York? With more than a mile of neon tubing used to create the appearance of the bottle emptying and refilling 1,000 times a day, it is one of the most recognizable neon signs in the world.


LED signs emit light much like a light bulb and can create pictures or scroll words or characters. Light emitting diodes are electronic components that let electricity pass in one direction to emit visible light when electricity is applied.


In the 1840s when architectural cast iron became more available, storefronts were designed using iron columns and lintels at the ground level. Glass was also cheap, so the iron and glass combined made large expansive glass framed by thin structural elements, resembling the storefronts we know today.


Neon signs were invented by Georges Claude, a French chemist. The sign debuted publicly on December 11, 1910. The earliest neon sign in the United States dates back to the 1920s; a Los Angeles Packard automobile dealership used the first neon sign as advertising in 1922.


When you consider the different types of advertising available, storefront signs are a great bargain. They are long-lasting and can be seen 24-houirs a day, encouraging potential customers to your business.


Neon signs didn't arrive in the United States in 1923. A Packard automobile dealership in Los Angeles became the first American customer of Georges Claude, inventor of the neon sign. The price for the two signs was $24,000.


Once you have made up your mind about your sign, check your insurance to see what is covered. Damage from weather or other outside forces may already be a part of your policy, or an inexpensive rider policy can be added to cover unexpected repairs.


When designing your storefront sign, the most important thing you want to ask yourself is, “Does this sign communicate in an instant what my business is about and what it offers?” Getting passersby in your door needs to be your primary goal.


Depending on use and care, neon can last for decades, with an average life expectancy of about ten to fifteen years. However, neon can be recharged as long as the tubes are not damaged, extending their life immeasurably.


How about a cabinet sign for your storefront? Sign cabinets, made of high-strength aluminum, can include vinyl lettering, printed graphics or other visuals, along with fluorescent or LED lighting.


The ancient Romans and Egyptians were the first people known to use signs. They made them from stone or terracotta. Many examples of Roman signage have been preserved, like one sign featuring a widely-recognized bush to indicate a tavern.


When you take the time to have a sign created that is distinctive and attractive, one of the nice things about it is that it can be recreated in print. This expands your advertising opportunities and allows the sign to become your brand – a definite competitive edge.


Three storefront signs for businesses in New York have been standing for years. Warshaw Hardware, located on Third Avenue and 20th Street, has been in place since before the Great Depression, while Vercesi Hardware got its start when Woodrow Wilson was president.


Exposed neon channel signs are custom-made metal or plastic letters used on exterior buildings to advertise the business. A three-dimensional graphic sign element, a channel letter is made from sheet metal so it will not rust and is formed by bending an aluminum strip around an aluminum back.


There are many different options available when it comes to storefront signs. You can attach the company name to the side of the building and use additional signage to pass along more specific information to potential customers.


A sign with the company name identifies your company. But storefront signs announcing the semi-annual sale has begun, or other similar information, can offer motivation for passers-by to become customers.


If there is a particular graphic design you want on your sign, let our design team know. They will let you know the best way for you to send or bring it to us, and also let you know of any adjustments that may need to be made before production.


Before making a final decision on the size, design, and location of your sign check with your local municipality to make sure there are not restrictions. Many areas undergoing gentrification have placed limits on signage.


How your sign is displayed will depend on your location and the local codes. For example, even though pole signs and monument signs share similar characteristics, there is enough of a difference that one may be allowed while the other is not.


Although a single color is certainly feasible for a storefront sign, choosing a color scheme will give your sign a more finished look. Colors that are opposites on the color wheel provide the contrast needed to really make your sign pop.


Choose the lettering that best reflects the type of business you are in, and what you think customers expect. Choose fonts and layouts that deliver the necessary information, and a design that frames them comfortably within its borders.


The glow of neon signs became quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s, in part because neon signs worked well during the day or at night. Over time, there were a total of 150 different colors by using other gases, such as argon and helium.


There are many communities that regulate electronic signs on the basis of both beautification and safety. Bright signs that blink messages constantly could distract motorists while some city planners believe electronic signs too large and overpowering can be unsightly.


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