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Paul Osborne Design I am a graphic designer specializing in print and web design, illustration and copywriting since 1995.

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Over the years various groups have attempted to ban Dihydrogen Monoxide after warnings about it spread worldwide. There were two basic factors that contributed to these efforts: 1. Clever Writing 2. Ignorance. Dihydrogen Monoxide contributes to the "greenhouse effect", may cause severe burns, is fatal if inhaled, contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape, accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals, may cause electrical failures, and has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients. Dihydrogen Monoxide is water. Great writing is effective. Who writes your stuff?

Nostalgia (Part Two)


The following is Part Two of my own personal observation. It only addresses one aspect of what I believe is a great problem in our culture and the advertising that both drives and represents it. As a result of a cultural shift in America over the last century or so, advertising now reflects a monstr...

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

You've Come A Long Way, Baby

The following is my own personal observation, and is only one facet in what is a kaleidoscope of reasons why the current advertising culture is the way that it is. To attempt to discuss everything would be a lifelong exercise, and I don't have time for that. Madison Avenue has become a well-known me...

The Bane of Mankind: Politics

The Bane of Mankind: Politics

As I compose this, I am thinking of my next strategy in my race for township trustee. Yep, I've entered the political arena at what is probably the lowest level. It was a true spur-of-the-moment idea. A friend was over and, he being all things political, saw there were two seats up for grabs in my t...

Marketing is scary!  Part II
Marketing is scary! Part II

Marketing is scary! Part II

Marketing is scary for a lot of reasons. But the main reason business owners are afraid of how they market is, I think, how they think they will be perceived by their audience. They'll say something like, "Wow, that's really creative, but we could never do that. People will think we're (insert adjec...

Oooo... Scary
Marketing is scary!

Oooo... Scary

If you've been to my page, you saw a new ad I just produced for the Lima/Allen County CVB in cooperation with the Allen County Fairgrounds and the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center. The cooperative was hoping to get the message across that these three entities work very hard tog...


Every single one of your competitors do what you do. Your marketing is not about what you do. It is about who you are.


If you are struggling to get your message out, don’t take comfort in the fact you’re not alone. When it comes to your strategy, there is no safety in numbers. There is only a muddled hum that everyone hears, but no one notices.


If market share and customer loyalty were dependent upon value exclusively, Faygo would be the market share giant.

And they are not.

Great Advertising is like Heroin
Great Advertising is like Heroin

Great Advertising is like Heroin

It is no surprise to me that Coca-Cola is lovingly called Coke by everyone. After all, that is how the mega-beverage giant humbly began its worldwide conquest, correct? More to the point, such monster corporations understand that their advertising must hit their market in a way that goes far beyond…

You Look Marvelous!
You Look Marvelous!

You Look Marvelous!

Several years ago, when I worked for a small ad agency, we were asked by an Ohio State University marketing professor if we would speak to some of his students. My boss and I obliged and shared some examples of our work, along with the truckloads of wisdom we had amassed in our burgeoning careers.…

Employees Quit!

Employees Quit!

You’ve trained your employees so that they’re finally (exhaustingly) competent, marginally able to do what you’ve spent years perfecting, and all they have to say is, “Good-bye?”


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