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Before moving into your new home make sure all the necessary utilities are connected and functioning appropriately http://ow.ly/RJiC307v61R


Sortly lets you create a moving checklist so that you stay on track beginning weeks before your moving date http://ow.ly/FatS307v61O


OurHome app was designed to involve each family member in organizing a home and they get rewarded for each task http://ow.ly/GwSd307v61N


Tell your credit card companies, banks and employees about your change of address when you move http://ow.ly/6MPq307v61S


All neighborhoods have at least one social media account where they share important information, news and events http://ow.ly/RJiC307v61R


Before hiring any car shipping company, ask for its DOT Number or FMCSA Number or both if applicable. http://ow.ly/AbAh307v61T


Whether you�re moving or looking to clear out clutter in your house, the 2 best ways to do so is Donating or Selling http://ow.ly/Ze0y307v61Q


Magic Plan is a furniture layout app, and it makes arranging belongings easy to manage without a tape measure. http://ow.ly/FatS307v61O


How can you organize your home appropriately without disrupting your daily routine? http://ow.ly/GwSd307v61N


Identity thieves are constantly looking for how to access your bank account using fake information http://ow.ly/6MPq307v61S


Chances are you�ll need the services of a pest control expert if your new house requires fumigation http://ow.ly/RJiC307v61R


We�ve compiled some of the best 5 Android apps that makes home de-cluttering and organizing absolutely easy. http://ow.ly/GwSd307v61N


Some of the items you probably thought are worthless may be what someone is really looking for in a yard sale. http://ow.ly/tp0S307v61M


Before moving to your new neighborhood, find out if they have any park, playground or recreation center http://ow.ly/RJiC307v61R


The budget you set for your car shipping can determine the type of auto Transport Company you�ll be able to hire http://ow.ly/AbAh307v61T


With a well-organized home, you can have a clear head and regain fresh energy to make plans, unwind and rela http://ow.ly/GwSd307v61N


To make your yard sale easier, you need to have a plan and stick to it from start to finish. http://ow.ly/tp0S307v61M


When you move & change your address, you�re exposed to dangers of identity theft. Here's how to protect yourself http://ow.ly/6MPq307v61S


One of the biggest problems of moving is getting rid of the excess stuff that you�ve gathered over the years http://ow.ly/Ze0y307v61Q


Don�t lose touch with your health care providers, legal advisers, & other services you�ll always need them http://ow.ly/QPpR307v61P


These newest moving apps get rid of the paperwork and condense everything into a digital format. http://ow.ly/FatS307v61O


Organizing your home shouldn�t be just about creating more space � it can keep your entire life in shape http://ow.ly/GwSd307v61N

excited for the launch of the new site. http://www.optimysis.com/
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excited for the launch of the new site. http://www.optimysis.com/

We are a group of highly-motivated & dynamic engineers, developers & marketers, passionate about online marketing and creating solutions to help businesses reach their target customers.

Why Everyone Wanted to Buy Twitch
Why Everyone Wanted to Buy Twitch

Even if you're not "a gamer," you've heard of Twitch. It's a live-streaming juggernaut, the fourth-highest source of peak-time internet traffic in the United States, the place that did that Pokemon thing. It only makes sense that Google wanted to buy them, and that Amazon just did. In fact, the surprising thing is that more companies weren't throwing billions at its door.


Working hard to get the Rebranding complete. Launching the new website soon.


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