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Business Credit Now This Business Is to help people start there own business and to build business credit for there business opportunity, are they can try one of ur businesses



Hello friends and family i am trying to raise money to start my business back it's a business i had started back in 2007 that's way before i started using Facebook YouTube Instagram and any other social site's, this business was called 3rd chance financial chance financial i re
ally think it would help a lot of people get out of debt and rebuild there credit plus help them get a better credit score and add on to there income for life. please donate any amount you fell

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The Truth about Building Business Credit.
Free business credit consultation.

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Would you like to Increase your credit score 50 to 100 Points!!

Are you sick and tired of living with BAD CREDIT!

Do you want to know what it takes to have a credit score that is in the 700’s?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then read the information below!

Dear Friend:

Did you know that you can Rebuild your own Credit and Increase your Credit Score!

If you didn't know this, Well it is not your fault!

Most people think it’s impossible to come back from Bad Credit!

But what most people don’t know that they are one letter away from having derogatory & negative information, DELETED off of their Credit Report! For good!!!

If you’re wondering how it is possible to rebuild your Credit, get derogatory & negative information taken off your Personal credit report. For example Public Record information like Judgments, Tax Liens, Bankruptcy etc.

Without Paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to a Credit Repair Company!

Then you need to check out this Credit Dispute Software below!

Over 100 + Plus letters included that is in the software Letter Vault!!

See Video below!

Software requirements: This software is for one single license, the software can only be downloaded on a PC not a MAC.

Note: This software is not an open source downloadable software. Once you make the purchase, one license key
is sent to you by email.

This software is not for commercial use.

Got questions email: Lorillia B. Phillips ([email protected])


We Remove Inaccurate Information From Your Report
Late payments, foreclosures, bankruptcies, collections, charge offs, tax liens, credit errors and more! Plus get you funding for your new or existing business.


Why start a credit repair business in Louisiana ? Louisiana people are hurting with bad credit and unlucky for them we are a credit driven society

Watch The Full Video Here http://www.a-credit-repair-business.c...

Lucky for them you are here watching this video

Once we set up your credit repair business actions will be taken to remove errors and derogatory information to improve your clients credit score

Why does a credit repair business in Louisiana make sense ?

You already have an idea but did you know that over 110 million Americans have some sort of credit issues?

That's about 1 out of 3 Americans including Louisiana

Translation : 1 out of every 3 people you know are your possible credit repair clients !

00:05 Credit Repair Business In Louisiana
00:21 Credit Repair Service in New Orleans, Louisiana
00:52 Start a Credit Repair Business in the state of Louisiana
01:03 Credit Repair Service in Lafayette, Louisiana

How big of a slice of the 110 million and growing client pie are you ready to have pay you ?

How much of the 52 billion dollar credit restoration market are you funneling to your bank account ?

We are already an over 50 million dollar company and expanding quickly

Click the link in the description to watch the video and know for yourself that the credibility of our question is not in question

the quality of our services is not in question

the income potential is not in question

the only thing in question is what if anything are you going to do

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Credit Repair Business In New Orleans, LA
Credit Repair Business In Baton Rouge, LA
Credit Repair Business In Tri-Parish Area
Credit Repair Business In Lafayette, LA
Credit Repair Business In Blanchard, LA
Credit Repair Business In Metairie
Credit Repair Business In Alexandria, LA
Credit Repair Business In North Louisiana

See more Videos About Starting A Credit Repair Business Here :

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Start your credit repair business in Louisiana today


Galia Gichon offers actionable tips on how you can quickly raise your credit score.

In this clip from Personal Finance for Artists & Freelancers, Galia talks about reviewing your credit report, finding and dealing with errors, and raising your credit score.

Get a complete guide to improving your financial health:

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Access courses on Photo & Video, Art & Design, Business & Life, Music & Audio, and Craft & Maker at


please like and subscribe for more info please call Gizzy 973-440-8661 Facebook, Google+, Instagram @financialchemo Twitter: @financialchemo

I get a lot of files for funding and some I can get up to $100,000 and some I just can't get nothing...this is for you to educate yourself on what a credit file needs to look like in order to get money through credit unions!

for more info please email me your USERNAME PASSWORD for and so I can see how much money I can get you!

Gizzy 973-440-8661


This is a question I get all the time and my answer is always the same.

I don't suggest you get loans or venture capital money to start a business.

I coach so many entrepreneurs that go into massive amounts of unnecessary debt. Instead of focusing on growing their business, they're focused on making payments and staying above water. Debt increases risk and magnifies mistakes. It's a terrible place to be and can become a huge stress in your life.

Instead, start small. When you believe in your vision, bootstrap it! If you make great tacos, dont open a restaurant. Start with a warming cart. When you've made enough money, move up to a catering truck. If you're continuing to make great amounts of money, buy another taco truck or move into a brick and mortar store. Stock pile money then move on to the next step. Self-fund your business growth with sweat equity and profit, not debt.

Question: How did you fund your business without debt? Answer the question at

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Small Business Funding
Small Business Funding is a fast, professional, informative alternative business funding service. We specialize in establishing and facilitating relationships between our marketplace of experienced alternative small business lenders and small business owners like you – we make funding easy! To qualify, your business should be making at least 8,000 per month and operating for at least 3 months. No minimum credit score and accepting credit cards is not required. Our network offers you access to quick and easy working capital to meet your individual business requirements to help with expansion, new hires, inventory, training, maintenance, upgrades, and cash flow. Qualified applicants can receive advances from $2,500 up to $500,000.

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How To Fix Your Credit

Published on Sep 9, 2012
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Did you know that millions of people are dealing with credit problems today? These people aren't just the typical irresponsible people or dead beats that come to mind when you think of credit problems. Credit problems exist in all walks of life! Nearly 70% of credit reports contain fixable items....


Hello my name is Kelvin Wilson, speaker, business credit expert, and author of two best-selling credit books Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded.

I’m not sure how we met, but I’m excited to know that you are interested in business credit.

90% of the general population doesn’t know anything about business credit. Now that we have met, you are about to be one of the exclusive 10% who will become proficiently knowledgeable, maybe even an expert.

My goal is to insure you know EVERYTHING there is to know about business credit. Through emails, videos, social media, even webinars I will teach you all that you would ever want to know about business credit and financing.

Together we will discuss what business credit is, how it works, how business credit scores work, what types of financing are out there right now for you and your business, you will even learn the exact steps to building your own business credit profile and score.

It is very practical to build your business credit to where you can obtain $10,000 limit major credit card accounts within 6 months. And, I will show you how to do this for yourself, and how to earn revenue by helping your clients do the same.

I am known as the king of free information relating to business credit and financing, a title I am very proud to have earned. And I’m really excited to now be able to share all of my knowledge with you, empowering you with the vast possibilities that business credit provides.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. And keep an eye out for my next email that will come to you in 5 days where we will take our first look at what business credit truly is and what it can do for you and your business.


Net 30 Tradelines

Tier I
Prerequisites: Filed with SOS, DUNS, 411
Quill having a website with custom email may help with this
HD Supply
Interstate Batteries

Teir II
Prerequisites: Paydex, 5 D&B Trade Lines, $250 High TL, EX and EQ files established
Office Depot
Citi backed gas cards
FleetCorp Citgo, BP, Chevron
Any cell service
Northern Tool

Tier III
Prerquisites: Same as Tier II + 7 D&B trade lines$500 High TL, >3 TLs on Experian/Equifax
Northern Tool
Most Citi backed store cards with the exception of Home Depot
Sears (requires age)
Best Buy (requires age)

Tier IV
Prerequisites: Same as Tier III + $2.5k High TL, 10 D&B Trade Lines, >7 TLs on EX/EQ
Key Bank (with PG, no pull)
Home Depot net 30
Apple Lease (requires age)
Costco (requires age)
Radio Shack
Sunbelt Rentals

Tier V
Prerequisites: Same as Tier IV + $5k High TL, 15 D&B Trade Lines, >10 TLs on EX/EQ
Lowes Revolving/Net 30
Amazon Revolving/Net 30
Wright Express
Home Depot Revolving (PG, no pull)
Tiger Direct

Tier VI
Prerequisites: same as Tier V + $10k High TL, 20 D&B Trade Lines, >15 TLs on EX/EQ
Target (requires age)
Sams Store card

Tier VII Prerequisites: Same as Tier VI + $20k High TL, 25 D&B Trade Lines, >20 TLs on EX/EQ
Bill Me Later Business
Sams Discover

Tier IIX
Prerequisites: Same as Tier VII + $40k High TL Financial Statement attached to D&B
Ford Motor Credit
Starting Score: EX: 650 EQ: 630 TU: 620 01/06/2014


Complicated Business Credit Building Methods Not Working For You?
Discover how to get your company's credit identity and business credit ratings established with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business and Equifax Small Business all at the click of a button so you can maximize your funding potential.

Meet Corporate Compliance
Our system is comprehensive and will guide you through completing all necessary requirements to ensure that your business is in lending and credit compliance. This is the essential foundation of the business credit building process.

Build Business Credit Ratings
Get set up an establish business credit scores with all three major business credit reporting agencies…Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business and Equifax Small Business.

Get Maximum Funding
Get private access to our vendor credit lines, fleet credit cards, unsecured business lines of credit, bank loan programs, funding programs and business credit cards that only report to your business credit reports.




1821 Wooddale Ct, # 122A
Baton Rouge, LA


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