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Communicate Link Fund Communicate Link Fund provides comprehensive financial analysis for small businesses for a nominal price to enhance communication with lenders and other capital providers.

We use very sophisticated software to generate a comprehensive analysis which is also tied to your specific industry. Our services in effect perform the heavy lifting many bankers may not be inclined to do. The primary benefit is this service significantly enhances the probability of your business receiving the funding it needs.

Mission: To help small businesses obtain proper and affordable financing by means of enhancing communication with lenders and other capital providers.


Lots of talk about big data for big business. Small data for small business also pays big dividends. Let us help you make huge strides in 2013.


According to researchers at the U.S. Census Bureau, banks are an important source of expansion capital for small businesses; just shy of one-third of small business owners report using a bank loan to finance expansion. For small businesses considering expansion, an understanding of company financials prepares for success when approaching a potential lender.

Along with increasing your ability to get a loan, there is one simple thing you can do to improve your profitability and...
How to get a small business loan | Small Biz Daily

Along with increasing your ability to get a loan, there is one simple thing you can do to improve your profitability and success this year: Understand your business’s financials.

Is your small business seeking capital, or are you planning to do so in the year to come? Getting a business loan is not easy, but in today’s guest post, Matt Burk of takes a closer look at what matters most in obtaining the money you need.


Today, only 59 percent of small businesses are able to obtain adequate financing, reports the National Small Business Association (NSBA). That number has steadily decreased in the last five years. Banks don't finance dreams, says Todd McCracken, president of NSBA. They finance businesses that are likely to be successful.


Per USA Today: Credit has been tough for small businesses for years now. But it will get slightly better this year, making it a bit easier for healthy companies with strong customer demand to expand. Small businesses with less than stellar balance sheets will have to find other sources of money to grow. Work with community banks that are receptive to local businesses.


According to a WSJ Article this morning, 73% of small business owners who need a loan don't bother to apply for one. Some of them are simply afraid of rejection. Using the services of CLF can significantly enhance your chances of getting funded. Quite simply, we perform the heavy lifting the bankers will often not perform.


Sometimes an entrepreneur reaches a crossroad. While the business that they have started shows potential, they may come to the realization that the only chance it has of being sustainable will require raising money to grow it to the next level. Bootstrapping is always a good path to start a business, but sometimes a certain level of funding is still needed to get to a sustainable scale that can earn the owner an acceptable income.

The first thing to determine is if the business can absorb the cost of any additional funding after it grows to the next level. Let CLF assist you with our analytics software to run detailed budget projections based on the growth you are considering that include the cost of the outside money, be it interest and fees with any type of debt or expected returns if the money comes from an investor.


More than 2,500 smaller U.S. banks and savings institutions cut their work forces in the third quarter, reducing their staff by a combined 20,331 jobs, or 2.5%, according to the Wall Street Journal. What this means for small businesses is that you must be more prepared when seeking financing. Our services provide a critical component of the initial work lenders need to perform.


A recent survey of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 conducted by the Kauffman Foundation found that 54 percent of those surveyed have entrepreneurial aspirations, and about half of these have already launched a business.

Good Article on Federal Reserve discussing small business lending.  Yes, banks are increasing activity, but many small b...
Federal Reserve: Focusing on Small Business Lending

Good Article on Federal Reserve discussing small business lending. Yes, banks are increasing activity, but many small businesses still need help with the "heavy lifting" associated with getting financing. We can help.

At a conference organized by the Federal Reserve on small business, Chairman Ben Bernanke stressed that the Federal Reserve wants banks to “adopt a balanced


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