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Hopkins Consulting Group LLC This is a consulting, publicity and copy-editing firm. Strategic planning, messaging and spokesperson available for artistes, models, businesses, politicians and other leaders.

Hopkin's Consulting Group LLC | 2003 to present dba Hopkin’s Promotions & Hopkin’s Communications (USA) | Professional Paperwork Services (USA) | Grenada Human Resource Agency & Spiceland Investments (GRENADA/CARIBBEAN) GENERAL SERVICES: • Concept Development • Political Strategizing • Newspaper/Internet News-writing/Editing & Press Releases/Generation of Press Kits/Biographies • Campaigns & Promotions • Artiste Management • Legal Support for various law firms • Radio Hosting on various radio stations • Research | Surveys |Drafting of Business Plans & Document Preparation • Clerical & Administrative Office Support • Real Estate Listings for Sales & Rentals (Residential & Commercial) CONTACT: 347-350-4285 (telephone) 473-534-5661 (WhatsApp) [email protected] 511 Maple Street, Brooklyn NY 11225 & P.O. Box 3234 @ Burn’s Point, St. George’s, USA | Grenada | Caribbean “Turning ideas into realities.” “ Making things happen.” Services available for Domestic, International & Foreign-Based Investors, as well as to residents in Grenada who are seeking to empower themselves. These services are dispensed via two separate subsidiaries: i) SPICELAND INVESTMENTS and ii) GRENADA HUMAN RESOURCE AGENCT (GHRA). Details on these two sub-entities can be viewed on FACEBOOK. i) SPICELAND INVESTMENT SERVICES INCLUDE: OFFICE I -- GENERAL FACILITATION: • Conceptualization, Research, Initial Contacts up to Launch -- the Full Package or separate services below • Market Research, Surveys & Viability Report • Nuts & Bolts Consultation and Concession Procurement • Concept Development & Logo/Website/Business Card Design • Business Plan Research & Draft • Business Registration & Incorporation Service • Scheduling of Meetings with Relevant Government Officials • Scheduling of Meetings with Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) • Scheduling of Meetings with Grenada Chamber of Industry & Commerce • Planning & Execution/Hosting of Press Conferences & Product/Service Launches/Campaigns • Planning, Coordination & Execution of Local & Regional Public Relations/Marketing • Continuous Corporate Communications as an Out-Sourced Service to Businesses, inclusive of Development of Strategy Plan, Hosting of Press Conferences, Preparation and Release of Statements/Advisories/Promos OFFICE II: HOPKIN'S PROPERTIES: Providing Real Estate/Sales & Rental Services: • Listings of commercial & residential properties (land, houses, buildings, apartments, condos) and FOR SALE and RENT (Available) • Property Management for Local & Absentee Owners: - rent collection - monitoring of trash collection - maintenance of property - supervision of security matters • Commercial & Residential Space/Land Search and Obtainment (Sales/Rentals) including Site Visits • Quarterly Magazine, Spiceland Properties – targeting the Diaspora (NYC, London, Toronto, Montreal, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Raleigh-Durham, Newark, Boston, Berlin, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Karachi) with listings/pictures of houses, buildings, apartments, condos, commercial space and land for sale and rent (coming soon). OFFICE III: INFO-PACKAGING, PR, MARKETING, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS, ARTISTE & MODEL MANAGEMENT, and CLERICAL SERVICES (Available Now at Minimal Fees): • Assistance Completing Forms (e.g. Passport, Visa Applications and Job Applications) • Editing Service, Assistance Writing Business Letters & Preparing/Packaging Documents • Photocopying & Fax Service (Receiving & Sending) • Remedial Writing Tutorials for English Language & Journalism Students/Practitioners • Preparation of Artiste/Model Profiles • Artiste/Model Business Plan with emphasis on Branding/Image Shaping, Bookings & Marketing • Design & Construction (or review of existing) Website/Social Media(SM) Portals • Preparation of Press Kits for Targeted Circulation – profile, SM links, CD/DVD, news stories, photos • Sourcing of Sponsorship/Finance for Artiste/Model (10% of all sourced sponsorship/financial support • Editing of lyrics to ensure ethnic/gender/other correctness & sensitivity • Press Representation Service & Interview Skills Prepping • International Bookings & Marketing Services (inclusive of stage performances, product endorsements, use of talent/likeness/image/voice in any production or promotional activity) ********************************** GRENADA HUMAN RESOURCE AGENCY |GHRA [email protected] The Available Services: In terms of rationale, GHRA endeavors to provide all of the below services, premised on a mission to induce, encourage, facilitate and spur JOB CREATION and SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT; as well as premised on a vision of accomplishing these objectives/services for ALL of the people of Grenada & the Caribbean. GHRA will: • Provide home care employment in Grenada/within the region as well as regular nursing jobs abroad (in NYC, Dubai, London, Toronto, Sydney, Aruba, BVI and USVI), for Grenada's and the region's unemployed nurses. (WILL CREATE JOBS.) • Provide an avenue for the delivery of a higher standard of care for our elderly and otherwise impaired individuals who are mostly home-bound. (WILL EXTEND MUCH NEEDED MEDICAL CARE TO SENIORS & OTHERS.) • Train our youths in customer care, business communications, work ethics (loyalty, work etiquette and deportment) in order to prepare them for the work environment. (WILL OPTIMIZE & BUILD CAPACITIES THAT FACILITATE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.) • Place our youths in sourced and identified Temporary and Permanent jobs in our local and regional markets. The trained youths that are waiting on permanent placements, would be used as a pool of available temp replacements who can cover in cases of absences caused by recoverable illness, pregnancies, emergencies or earned days off. As a policy, temps will not be used to permanently replace permanent employees who are absent due to illness, pregnancies, emergencies or earned days off. (WILL PROVIDE PRACTICAL CONVENIENCE THAT EXPEDITES PRODUCTION & DELIVERY OF SERVICES.) • Provide sourcing and delivery of human resource services via a National Registry Databank (NRD) of ALL available skilled service providers (un-established and established), to businesses, families and individuals in search of personnel in a wide range of in a wide range of fields/areas. (WILL FACILITATE THE SEAMLESS AVAILABILITY, DELIVERY and DEPLOYMENT OF SKILLED PERSONNEL THAT ARE ESSENTIAL TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.) NOTE: NURSES, UNEMPLOYED YOUTHS and other SKILLED INDIVIDUALS, if you'd like to participate in the various components of the GHRA, please indicate your interest now by sending a curriculum vitae to [email protected] or by calling 347-350-4285 or WhatsApping 473-534-5661. Thank you for your interest in something that is much greater than the sum of its parts. And since your part in this is essential, it won’t be complete without your involvement in the form of participation, advice or investment support. Come on, ‘let’s turn our ideas into realities as we make things happen’. Your input would be much appreciated. ********************************** ABOUT THE FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR OF THE ABOVE BUSINESS VENTURES Gerry Hopkin holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law) degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law, Knoxville, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Political Science from Loyola University in New Orleans, and an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Holy Cross College, Notre Dame. Additionally, he has completed several Graduate Courses in Education at the College of St. Rose & at Touro College in NY; an Emerging Leaders Program at Loyola University in New Orleans; and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the NYC Department of Education, one of his former employers. Hopkin is also a recipient of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s 2010 Business Visionary Award in recognition of work completed by his NY-based Hopkins Consulting Group LLC. Most recently, from 2010 to 2013, he was also an aide in the Office of the Prime Minister in Grenada. Overall, Hopkin has worked in both private and public sectors – over 10 years in the legal field and student affairs/property management; and over 20 in mass media (radio and newspapers), public relations, marketing, education and life skills development.

Mission: Hopkins Consulting Group and its subsidiaries, endeavor to deliver quality, result-oriented services in the sourcing, generating, packaging and dissemination of information to the benefit of clients and customers.

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Make It Balance Foundation

Make It Balance Foundation

Dionne Blaize @dionne_blaize
Is a Caribbean-American 🇬🇩🇺🇸
Songwriter, Vocalist & Recording Artiste
Based in Brooklyn New York
Blessed With a Well-Trained
Alto-Soprano Voice, Great Range
& a Modern Sound
She Joins Our Lineup on Night #1 🎶🎤
Join Us On August 22&23 8PM ET
#makeitbalance #musicfestival #lineup
#music + #balance
#dionne_blaize #dionneblaizemusic
#female #singer #songwriter #recordingartist
#brooklyn #nyc #newyork #ny #usa
#worldwide #lineup
More Info makeitbalance.org
You are Listening to Intoxicated
By Dionne Blaize

Burgess McPhie aka Quako


Grenadian-American musician and recording artiste, Burgess McPhie aka "Quako," is contributing musically in the NY-based Census Awareness Initiative entitled "Let's All Get Counted."

The sweet steelpan music heard in Cheryl Vincent's PSA-jingle-song, is that of Quako — a master pannist; a serious Calypsonian with several crowns to his credit; and a founding member of the longest continuously running Caribbean-American folk group in America, Quake USA Cultural Organization.

For more info about completing the 2020 Census (MY2020CENSUS.GOV), or to BOOK Quako, call 347-350-4285.


Grenadian-American musician and recording artiste, Burgess McPhie aka "Quako," is contributing musically in the NY-based Census Awareness Initiative entitled "Let's All Get Counted."

The sweet steelpan music heard in Cheryl Vincent's PSA-jingle-song, is that of Quako — a master pannist; a serious Calypsonian with several crowns to his credit; and a founding member of the longest continuously running Caribbean-American folk group in America, Quake USA Cultural Organization.

For more info about completing the 2020 Census (MY2020CENSUS.GOV), or to BOOK Quako, call 347-350-4285.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Caring Fathers of Our World!- Gerry Hopkin, JDManaging Consultant/Coordinator of:Hopkin...

Happy Father's Day to all of the Caring Fathers of Our World!

- Gerry Hopkin, JD
Managing Consultant/Coordinator of:
Hopkins Consulting Group LLC
HCG Communications
Afterwork Networking Wednesdays in Brooklyn
Spiceland Investments
Grenada Human Resource Agency | OMNI
T: 347-350-4285 | E: [email protected]


Mouth Open, Message Jump Out | #1


A satirical message from COVID, who is outside waiting for those who are anxious to abandon the safety guidelines as they enjoy the great outdoors with masks off, social distancing ignored and frequent handwashing already forgotten.

By Richardo Keens-Douglas
Storyteller | Author | Playwright | Actor
Packaging & Dissemination by Hopkins Consulting Group
T: 347-350-4285 | E: [email protected]



By Gerry Hopkin, JD

Brooklyn, NY; May 8, 2020 — Although the nurses at Downstate Medical Center did not get to have their regular, elaborate Nurses Week celebrations this year, due to the disruptive impacts of the deadly CoronaVirus outbreak, they were nevertheless delivered a treat on Thursday, May 7th, by a Brooklyn-based food caterer and owner of Partys R Us, Earlyn Williams, along with some other generous relatives and friends. Specifically, the on-shift nurses at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Medical Intensive Care Unit, the Emergency Room and the Labor & Delivery Unit at Downstate, were the beneficiaries of a package of 47 delicious West Indian lunches and 48 cupcakes.

The gift of the food was received on behalf of the nurses by assistant head nurse, Cheryl Vincent, nurse Lana Colas, and certified nursing assistant Barbara Orama.

Thursday’s generous gesture is part of an ongoing initiative to cook and deliver hot tasty meals to essential frontline workers who are risking their lives performing healthcare duties at local area hospitals and senior homes, under the dire stress of the CoronaVirus pandemic, which has already claimed 14,389 lives in New York City, 86,721 in the USA and 274,983 globally.

This charitable spontaneous project, was launched in mid-April of this year, without any fanfare, press releases or invitations to media houses for coverage or publicity. In fact, this article is only being written, because the author heard about the initiative and insisted on getting the details about it, so the wider community can be informed of the good that is being caused to happen by some of our local, unsung Caribbean-American heroes, who are ironically recognizing our ordinary super heroes — our nurses and doctors.

As Earlyn, the lead organizer of this initiative, puts it, “It’s simply our way of saying thank you to our hardworking local heroes who are working tough long hours to save lives. We do what we do voluntarily, simply because we want our nurses, doctors and other hospital staff, to know that we do appreciate them for all the good that they are doing.”

The other members of Earlyn's Partys R Us team of volunteers are: Amanta Stephenson, Maggie Rechea, Jackie Rechea, Shaniqua Brown, Royston and Tasha Rechea, Sherry Gaillard, Ritch Image Francis and Sean Fortune. Together these individuals have been pooling resources of personal funds, time and cooking abilities to make this charitable outreach possible.

Nurses, doctors and other staff members in various departments at the following institutions, have already received bowls of lovingly prepared, delicious, hot West Indian food from Earlyn and her team of volunteers:
NYU Lancome Downtown Brooklyn; Brookdale Medical Center (with special assistance from Fraudine Peterson and Family); Sheepshead Nursing Rehabilitation Center; Kings County Hospital; and most recently SUNY's Downstate Medical Center.

Next Wednesday, hot lunches would be delivered to Kingsbrook Jewish Hospital Rehabilitation Center. Thereafter, other institutions would be added to the list.


Together, we can overcome the challenges of this CoronaVirus!

#SocialDistance #WearAMask

Dionne Blaize - Partial Love {Official Video)

Song: PARTIAL LOVE (Reggae) from the album " CONTAGIOUS"
Music Produced By: Ed ROBINSON
Music Video Directed By: BRIAN ROBERTS

In the words of DIONNE BLAIZE:

"Here we have another great production by Ed ROBINSON. Yes friends, he’s the producer behind many of my creations. I write the lyrics; he creates the music; I sing – although not always necessarily in that order.

Big up to Ed ROBINSON!

We have one common denominator, music! And when we work together, big tings a gwaan!"

FOLKS, Please Check it out!🔥🔥🔥

And Please don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to DIONE BLAIZE'S YouTube CHANNEL!

Bless up!😊


Songwriter: Dionne Blaize Music produced by: Ed Robinson Music Video Directed by: Brian Roberts All Rights Reserved www.dionneblaize.com

Laura Lisa - Better Days (Official Music Video)

LAURA LISA sings "Better Days are Coming"

This talented Caribbean artiste, by way of Grenada, beautifully sings "Better Days are Coming" — a song that's apt for this period of high stress in the lives of so many.

The lyrics are telling and the afro-infused Groovy Soca beat is refreshingly uplifting.

Adding great value to the wholesome nature of this music video is the direction which was given by producer Kaiem "Sonix" Joseph and playwright Urias Peters.

Listen and enjoy the voice, and also appreciate the words, the optics and the story as rendered by Laura Lisa — a rising star, whose other pieces of recorded work are also unreservedly recommended.

- Gerry Hopkin, JD
Managing Editor and Consultant
Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR


Official Music Video for "Better Days" by Laura Lisa Written By Laura Richardson Produced & Mixed By Xpert Productions Additional Vocals By J. Xavier Directe...

Happening Today | SAT., JAN. 11, 2020, 4:30 pmA BENEFIT CONCERTfor CARMEL PARRIS HORNE COME SUPPORT a sister in her batt...

Happening Today | SAT., JAN. 11, 2020, 4:30 pm


COME SUPPORT a sister in her battle against cancer!

TODAY its HER; TOMORROW could be YOU or YOUR relative...

— a sister | a mother | a wife | an aunt |

COME EXPERIENCE some pure Caribbean talent...
— JANELLE JOLLY: poet & motivational speaker |
— CHERYL VINCENT: recording artiste & RN |
— ABENA: recording artiste & educator
— IJEAL JOSEPH: recording artiste and evangelist |
— BURGESS "QUAKO" McPHIE: pannist & recording artiste |
— PERRIE K. ALLEN: vocalist & humanitarian |
— plus others

SAT., JAN. 11, 2020 | 4:30PM
@ The Brownsville SDA Church
1085 Clarkson Ave., Brooklyn

MC: Gerry Hopkin

COME WITH FUNDS to purchase Caribbean Cuisine and Beverages |
Admission is Free |
Kindly Consider Leaving a Donation at the Door...

#Aruba #SVG #Grenada
#Guyana #StLucia #CaymanIs
#Dominica #Jamaica #TrinBago
#Venezuela #Curacao #Barbados
#Martinique #Suriname #PuertoRico
#TheBahamas #Bermuda #Guadeloupe
#StKittsNevis #USVirginIs #AntiguaBarbuda
#BritishVirginIs #FrenchGuina #DominicanRepublic

GOSPEL SINGER JOAN MYERS' HAPPY-NEW-YEAR-WORDS  TO 'ONE & ALL':MY GRATITUDE to GOD and to every person reading this mess...
Joan Myers | Christian/Gospel from Union City, GA


MY GRATITUDE to GOD and to every person reading this message for your continued support and prayers for my music ministry over the years. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and expressions of your love and prayers.

I AM USING THIS MEDIUM to say HAPPY New Year and blessings to you and your household!

IT IS INDEED a PRIVILEGE that I get to represent Christ to the world through the gift of music. Because worship is a transformational journey, I continue to change as I am being transformed. That I get the opportunity to do this, makes all the difference!

I AM EXCITED about the gift of music that God has blessed me with; and I am radically open to the doors He is leading me into.

I AM AVAILABLE for MINISTRY - Conferences, Conventions, Concerts, Special Events, etc., in your area.

CALL 347-350-4285, or EMAIL: [email protected]

Love you all!
Joan Myers


Christian/Gospel | Union City, GA

MERRY CHRISTMAS  | HAPPY KWANZAAA | BLESSED HANUKKAH — To All here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedI...

MERRY CHRISTMAS | HAPPY KWANZAAA | BLESSED HANUKKAH — To All here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn, I say:
Merry Christmas, a Joyous Kwanzaa & a Happy Hanukkah, to you, your family, your friends and your crew/team.

Allow me to also say Thank You for your friendship, support, prayers, likes and sharings, throughout 2019. And looking ahead to 2020 — may it be splendid and healthy in every respect, for all of us.

Respectfully yours,
Gerry Hopkin, JD
40th Councilmanic
Brooklyn, NYC
- Coordinating Cohost of ANW in Brooklyn
- Managing Consultant
of Hopkins Consulting Group LLC

CELEBRATING CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS —  parang, food, beverages and danceHit the LINK below, to read a Caribbean L...

CELEBRATING CARIBBEAN CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS — parang, food, beverages and dance

Hit the LINK below, to read a Caribbean Life Newspaper story about the Pre-Christmas Parang & Soca Parang Dinner-Dance & Diversion, written by community organizer and consultant, Gerry Hopkin, JD.

EVENT DATE: SAT., DEC. 7, 2019, 7PM

VENUE: Auditorium at 157 St. Paul's Pl., Village of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC

FEATURING: The Band — Las Reinas de la Cancion & Recording Artiste — Cheryl Vincent


Denison George ESQ - Wicked Game

WORLDBEAT-REGGAE recording artiste, DENISON FORRESTOR GEORGE, Esq., drops new reggae tune and video featuring Columbian model, Stefany Santacruz, shot in gorgeous St.Marteen, in the Caribbean...

The balladic lyrics, the smooth musical arrangements and the captured picturesque scenery (fit for a tourism marketing video)utilized in Denison's well-told story, as seen and heard in the attached musical video, evince a whole lot about the finely-nuanced intelligence of this artiste-attorney of Grenadian origin.

I can hardly wait for the release of his full album, much of which I have sampled and which I understand — "ah soon come."

- Gerry Hopkin JD
Managing Editor
Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR


Grenadian born, Brooklyn raised World Beat Reggae artist Denison George presents his cover of the song "Wicked Game". Shot in the beautiful island of Saint M...



Brooklyn, NYC; Nov. 25, 2019 — In the spirit of preserving and celebrating the traditions of Caribbean-Americans in New York City, the Cultural Committee of St. Paul’s Church in the Village of Flatbush in Brooklyn, has invited the general public to their annual Dinner Dance & Diversion — a Pre-Christmas Parang & Soca Parang Night, scheduled for Saturday, December 7th, 2019, 7 p.m.

The event which includes a sumptuous dinner of traditional Caribbean Christmas foods and beverages, live Parang and Soca Parang, as well as DJ music designed to induce dancing, will feature the popular group Las Reinas de la Cancion and recording artiste Cheryl Vincent. The Master of Ceremony of the event will be Community Organizer, Gerry Hopkin of Afterwork Networking Wednesdays in Brooklyn.

Parang is a popular genre of seasonal (Christmas) folk music found in most Caribbean states, especially Trinidad and Tobago. The tradition was brought to Trinidad and Tobago by Venezuelan and Colombian migrants during and after the period of colonization in the West Indies. These migrants were primarily of Amerindian, Spanish, Mestizo, Pardo, Cocoa Payol, and African heritage. This mix of ethnicities is strongly reflected in the music itself. Over time, this genre of music spread throughout the Caribbean, and is especially appreciated, played and sung in Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Guyana.

The off-spring of Parang, Soca Parang, is a crossover genre of music that incorporates Parang chord structures and instruments with lyrics sung in English, as opposed to Spanish — the language of original Parang.

The venue of the December 7th Dinner Dance & Diversion — Pre-Christmas Parang & Soca Parang Night, is the exquisite St. Paul’s Auditorium, located at 157 St. Paul’s Place, corner of Church Avenue.

Folks interested in obtaining tickets for this special event of traditional Caribbean foods, drinks, music and dance, in advance, may call the St. Paul’s Church Office at 718-282-2100; Judith Lewis at 347-782-7921; or Jemma Barker at 646-600-1077.

Back-to-roots doctor makes headway
Back-to-roots doctor makes headway

Back-to-roots doctor makes headway

An emerging doctor who struggled through her college years has credited a scholarship, little known to New York residents of Caribbean heritage, for putting her firmly on course to becoming a full-fledged practitioner.

ART IN THE MIX AT BLUE HORIZONS GARDEN RESORT | GrenadaBlue Horizons is a Green Globe Certified property in Grenada, the...


Blue Horizons is a Green Globe Certified property in Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, where great artwork is one of the ingredients which enhances the aesthetics of the facility, while also affording visibility to the responsible local artistes.

This is deliberately the case, thanks to the artistic intuitions and the wholistic sensibilities of the CEO at Blue Horizons, Arnold Hopkin.

"The beauty of Blue Horizons Garden Resort is not limited to the great guest-services and the comfortable self-catering facilities of the available suites; nor to that which can be seen in the well-kept outdoors. In no uncertain terms, this is 'an island home away from home,' which also places a premium on the appreciation and display of the work of local artistes, harmonious respect for our environment and the overall value of reasonable human inputs in balancing how we achieve development goals.

The photographs attached here, attest to such a commitment.

Visit the website for a preview and to reserve your self-catering suite:


1438 Utica Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


(347) 350-4285


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Meet Caribbean-American Fashion, Designer, Felisha Noel | a Video Story Source: OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR, congratulates Felisha Noel on her remarkable achievements. In addition to her clothing designs, Felisha recently collaborated in designing the new HFR x LeBron 16, a LeBron James Nike sneaker by women for women. - Gerry Hopkin, JD Consultant & Managing Editor Caribbean American Arts Review | CAAR 347-350-4285 | [email protected]
Viv obama