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We offer the best local social media marketing services we want to help you put you business in front of the right audience using our knowledge & creativity.


Sales Tip 4: Build Rapport
You need to create a relationship. This is a business to business deal but if you want a long-lasting relationship you need to become a friend to the business owner. It will turn out much better. This comes to finding out what he likes and using that to your advantage. Rapport building is just talking to people and once again, making them realize that you are not a robot.


Sales Tip 3: Tonality
There are 3 different types Question, statement or command tonality, it's very helpful when getting past the gatekeeper or showing the client you aren’t a robot and actually showing them you actually have feelings and care about them.


Sales Tip 2: Always agree with the customer

Sales is a game of like attracts like, not like dating where it is opposites attract. If you disagree with the customer you will never get the sale. If they like jumping out of planes, you better like it too. This is an exaggeration but you get the point. AGREE FIRST...


Sales Tip 1: Sales is a numbers game.

Guys, you really have to keep pushing and doing the calls and making things happen. I talk to a bunch of people and when they tell me, "I can't get clients," I ask "How many cold calls did you do this week?" and they say "15 in 3 months," I am shocked. You should be doing at least 50 a day if you want to make it happen.


Hey guys for those who don't know me, my name is Deandre Cole I own a social media marketing agency that is Based in New York I've been helping businesses leverage social media & online marketing since 2015, I Have 6 Certification Certificates, I've paid for a couple boot camp trainings to build on top of what I already know Hope we can connect and possibly work in the future.... btw if you know me already sorry my last page got removed when I tried to merge pages. #welcomeNinjas


Clayton, NY


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