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Borrow authority 🗣️ with hashtags.

At this point, most everyone on social media knows what they are.

Even better, on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, you can search 🔍 with hashtags.

Hashtags #️⃣ allow you to expand your reach and increase brand awareness.


Most consumers consider the opinions of people close to them when making purchasing decisions.

It’s crucial to win over your audience and have them talk highly 🗣️ about your brand for you.

Your brand benefits when your customers:

✅ Leave positive reviews.
✅ Share your content.
✅ Post their own content highlighting your brand.

Referral programs are basically compelling ads 😏 to your customers’ friends/family.


Reuse your highest 📈 performing social media content.

This should always be factored into your content calendar for future posts.

It’s a simple trick that almost always guarantees 🤩 better results.

The key 🔑 is that the content needs to be timeless.

If the content performed well but indicates the time ⌚ and date, then it might not be reusable.


Email 📧 courses help build brand awareness.

And they can be set up via marketing automation.

All you need to do is take a large piece of content and break it down into lessons.

Send it over the course of a week or so and your recipients will become familiar 👍 with your brand.


Become an authority to your audience 👥.

If you have access to data 📊, reports, and other experts insights then use them to create amazing original content.

It’s even better if your brand is the one who conducts the research 🔍 for this data.

Original research shows that you’re an EXPERT in your field and your audience will begin looking to your brand for guidance.

This authority leads to a higher market share, which leads to more sales 📈 for your brand.


Do NOT use annoying ad language.

We cannot express this enough.

Clickbait 🖱️ is NOT okay.

It’s misleading and will more than likely anger prospects.

So avoid annoying 🙄 ad language at ALL cost.


Retarget customers with subscription services.

Subscriptions eventually end 😶.

Retarget 🎯 them a month before their subscription expires to push renewals.

It’s a rule of thumb 👍 that the value of repeat business outweighs new business.

Retain your customers!


This is obvious to most marketers but always remember to retarget abandoned carts 🛒.

The user may have left because of an issue with the price.

Supplement this by including a special offer or coupon 🏷️ in your retargeting ad.

This way you tackle their pain point, giving them more of a reason to convert.


Your business exists to solve problems.

Retarget 🎯 with this in mind.

If someone lands on your FAQ page or help page then retarget them with helpful content to potential issues.

Educating 🏫 customers at the right time with the right content is very effective in gaining new customers and retaining old ones.


Yes, converted customers can still be retargeted 🎯 to.

And most times, they should be.

Retargeting converted customers is a great way to upsell or provide onboarding assistance.

This is a great opportunity to improve and sometimes further establish customer 🤝 relationships.


Use compelling 😮 titles and headlines for your videos.

Not only will this help the visibility of your videos in the search 🔎 engine, but it will interest your audience.

Use power 💪 words to drive emotion.

Make promises of what your video will solve.

A/B 🆎 titles and headlines for the best results.

Sweet Baby Ray

👋 How we would join a House Judiciary Committee call if ever invited...


Influencers have a strong 💪 influence because of their large social followings.

It’s a good idea to work with influencers that are reaching your target 🎯 audience.

Most consumers today trust peer recommendations, reviews ⭐ and similar over generic ads.

Humanize your brand 🙋 and work with influencers who can do just that.


Include CTA’s in your videos.

Whether your posting YouTube or Facebook (or both), tell your audience 👥 what you want them to do like:

✔️ Subscribe to your Channel
✔️ Follow/Like your Page
✔️ Share
✔️ View Your Other Content

Try to include these in 3 places throughout your video (beginning, middle, and end).

Not everyone will make it to the end of your video, which is okay 👌 if they’ve already seen your CTA 2 ✌️ times prior to the end.

Those people can still perform the action you’d like them to too.


We can’t stress this enough.

Always, when possible, INCLUDE SUBTITLES IN YOUR 📹 VIDEOS.

Most of your audience 👥 will be viewing your videos from their phone on silent.

This means the video will begin playing with no 🔇 sound.

If the hook keeps them engaged, then they’ll continue watching.

But if they have to keep their phones on silent and there are no subtitles, they may 😦 scroll on.


They really do work!


When creating video 📹 ads, use the first few seconds of your video wisely.

The average attention span is short, roughly 8 seconds ⌛.

Try to showcase what content you’ll be sharing within the first 8 seconds of your videos with an attention 🙇 grabbing hook.

This is a great way to increase your views and engagement.


Reward your customers for helping you market your business.

❗ Incentivize referrals.

❗ Incentivize sharing.

❗ Incentivize repeat business.

This can be done with discounts, coupons 🎟️, FREE products/services and more!

Reward their efforts and they’ll stick around longer 😉.


After you have your buyer personas together, it’s time to figure out where your audience 👥 is in the buyer journey.

The buyer journey consists of 3 stages (awareness, evaluation 🤔, and conversion).

Each stage requires DIFFERENT marketing.

So be prepared to have marketing strategies in place for each stage of the journey.


The best way to understand your customers is by creating buyer personas.

Create a story 📖 for your ideal audience as to why they need your product/service.

Base this story off of key 🔑 information such as their:

🔵 Age
🔵 Gender
🔵 Education Level
🔵 Goals/Values
🔵 Challenges/Pain Points

This information will help frame how your product/service solves their problem.


Growth hacking can be broken down into a 4 stage funnel.

✅ Acquisition - Find where your target audience is and place your product/service there.
✅ Activation - Have consumers use your product/service.
✅ Retention - Engage with consumers to establish and maintain relationships.
✅ Referral - Existing customers invite their peers to use your product/service.

Make sure to follow this or a similar template when devising your growth hacking 📈 strategy.


Referrals are the quickest 🏃💨 way to get new business.

Make it easy for your customers to give referrals.

Include share 👐 with friends buttons where applicable.

Include referral information in confirmation emails 📧 and/or landing pages.

Incentivize referrals with referral codes/coupons 🎟️.

If you’re not asking for referrals then you’re missing out on business.


Grammar matters.

Spelling ✏️ matters.

Visitors will leave your site if they find multiple grammatical errors.

Just remember to double-check ✔️ your content before you publish it.

It sounds silly to have lost a prospect because a word was misspelled.


Please….PLEASE avoid video 📹 backgrounds.

Some companies have gotten away with this but there’s 1 big disadvantage to them.

They’re distracting 😕!

You may think they look nice 🤩 and fancy.

Your audience may too, and then they might not pay as much attention to your copy and CTAs 🙃.

This may decrease 📉 your conversions.


Think call 🤙 to value not call to actions.

Hear 👂 us out.

Generic buttons like “Apply Here” and “Contact Us” can be overlooked 🤷 because of how common and basic they are.

Most call to action buttons do NOT include clear value propositions.

Change the narrative by creating call to value 😮 buttons.

Use statements like “Start your fitness journey” or “Start earning more” to encourage action.


Optimize your landing 🛬 pages by increasing urgency and scarcity.

To do this you should:

✔️ Increase the clarity of your offer
✔️ Reduce anxiety and distractions
✔️ Improve the value proposition
✔️ Use compelling power words

The #1 detail to remember when pushing urgency and scarcity is honesty.

Your audience will not respond well to tricks 🙅‍♂️ and false information.


There are two ✌️ ways to influence the likelihood of someone taking action.

Increase 📈 motivation to perform the desired action.

Make it easier for them to do.

Work on both of these elements to optimize your landing 🛬 pages for your audience.


Everything should be optimized for mobile 📱, especially landing pages.

Mobile traffic is now much more common than desktop 🖥️ traffic, and visitors will take notice if a site is not mobile optimized.

If your landing 🛬 page isn’t mobile-optimized, you may see a much higher bounce rate.

Even worse, visitors may bounce and go to a competitor’s site instead!

So make it a top 🔝 priority for your site to be optimized for mobile.


Create compelling copy using crisp 🥓, clean language.

It’s important to make the benefit of the offer easy to understand.

Making use of power 💪 words to cause the reader to relate to an emotion or trigger action.

Power words increase the chance an audience will click through to read your copy.

As always. A/B 🆎 test headlines and wording to see which generates the best results.


Keeping navigation simple on landing 🛬 pages will improve conversion rate.

You can do this by simplifying or shortening your landing page.

Simplify your page by decluttering non-crucial information.

Shorten the page where the visitor doesn’t.

These small 🤏 changes can have a big impact on your conversion rate.


Reduce form fields when possible.

Most opt-in forms ask for phone 📱 numbers, addresses, and more.

This data 💾 doesn’t always need to be collected.

Think about it like this.

Every extra field adds friction to your page.


Don’t be annoying 🥴.

Set frequency caps for your ads so that you don’t bombard people.

The last thing you want is to drive 🏎️ away loyal customers.


If someone visited a contact page and didn’t convert, they SHOULD be retargeted 🎯.

For some reason, your visitor stopped 🛑 on this page.

It could be an issue with the contact page.

It could be a technical 🖥️ issue.

No matter what it is, they’ve showed enough interest to garner a separate ad that is specific to them.


Maybe retargeting web visitors in the last 30 days reaches too many people who are ultimately uninterested 😒 in your brand.

Try retargeting for visitors who stay on your website for longer than 30 seconds ⏱️ or a minute.

That may not be the right number, but study your visitors and see how long do converting visitors typically stay on your site.

You may be surprised 😮.


Monster Agency x Tik Tok.

We're excited to announce that we have been accepted to now be able to offer Tik Tok advertising services to our clients looking to have a presence on one of the fastest growing social media platforms.

Now before you start moonwalking into our DM's, we need to frame it correctly for you. It's important to understand that Tik Tok is not the right platform for you if you need very measurable results from the paid traffic. That's not to say we can't deliver reporting metrics (we can) but it's a new platform that is still figuring themselves out. The CPM's are VERY low and the traffic is pretty dang cheap and there's a reason for that. The trade off is that it's not all figured out just yet, so it's worth noting. If you need immediate results, it's not for you. But if you're looking to invest in getting it all sorted, we're your Huckleberry.

We'll run your campaigns with the same Monster Agency professionalism as always. But it's safe to say that advertising on Tik Tok right now should be left to companies that are probably spending at least $25K per month and want to test the traffic quality and results.

We're all still figuring this out together. It's new. If we can't immediately answer your questions on it, we will find the answers from our own research or going directly to our Brand Dev Manager at Tik Tok.


Okay, you know you should be running retargeting ads.

But who 🤔 should you be retargeting?

A good place to start is website visitors withing the last 30 days or less.

Then, optimize for UNIQUE daily reach.

This will touch ✋ every one of those visitors at least one time!


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