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Studio Sanctuary's cover photo

Studio Sanctuary

Studio Sanctuary

Perfect Creations and Accessories

Perfect Creations and Accessories

Reconciliation Outreach Back to School Party 11am - 3pm #PCAA #BacktoSchool #Party #OldEastDallas



He never understood what love really is,
because no one ever showed him what being above the city is.
He looked for himself in the wrong places and got stuck in the dark.
His family needed help, but he didn’t know where to start.
He sold the wrong things to keep food on the table,
but now his family is unstable.
He didn’t trust his friends because he didn’t know who would tell on him first.
Now he would rather be in heaven because it’s hell on earth.
How could he love when he couldn’t even trust?
Now he doesn’t love because everything around him is lust.
He saw who was really with him when he walked in the rain.
It’s sunny now, and no one is there when he wants to talk through the pain.

-Chandler W.

Studio Sanctuary

Studio Sanctuary

A sneak peek into our most recent sample photoshoot. Start booking now!!

A sneak peek into our most recent sample photoshoot. Start booking now!!

Here’s a few shots from the most recent sample photoshoot. If you need to book, start now!! #ArkLaTexPhotography

Here’s a few shots from the most recent sample photoshoot. If you need to book, start now!! #ArkLaTexPhotography

"Just as the ocean needs the moon to take the tides away, all we need is a little time to chase the blues away".

"Just as the ocean needs the moon to take the tides away, all we need is a little time to chase the blues away".


“White Dove”

Things don’t have to rhyme to have power. The most important part comes from the pain you suffered for hours. They said things get better over time, like red wine. I can’t see that image because there are nights that I feel like I’m on my last line. I gave my all just to be able to shine; not for me, but for the people I love. If it was up to me my life would only be represented by a white dove-I would have taken life away from myself years ago when I had to watch him die. That’s the reason I used to leave the house just to walk outside and look at the sky. I wanted to experience life, but it was never for me. I used to dream about things that I never could be-star athletes, street kids and people with fame. Now I see why I only could be viewed as a math geek, never be a kid, and live in shame. I hated having my closest friends even pull in the driveway; I didn’t want them to laugh at life my way. Some people gave me their all and that’s why I’m still here; to make sure they can see where I’m at in a few years. I still think about the people gone and pray for the ones with me now. I would starve myself before I took someone else’s last and left them to figure out “how?” Don’t give me sympathy or give me sorrow. I know what you meant to me and I’ll never take for granted what we planned for “tomorrow.” Just show me that you can fly farther than we dreamed. I only want to see you prosper and let me see how much all of the pain really means.

-Chandler W.


Despite our lack of productivity in the last months, this will not be the end of Studio Sanctuary. We are currently investing in better equipment and developing our craft in order to prepare for our future projects. Be on the look out for work coming soon. We thank you for your support in advance.

Chandler W.


"The Lost Letter"

I know how it feels to make mistakes that leave you with a feeling you can't shake. I found myself in a situation I couldn't take all because I spoke for insecurity's sake. The pain hurts more when you hurt the one you love. It feels like you become blocked from the blessings above. Having said this, welcome to my next piece on love. I won't run and I won't hide from my feelings inside. Sometimes I think hard and I cry because I can't fix the vibe. My faith won't die though because I put my ego aside-but that I did that years ago, and my topic is now. I want to make fear submit to hope, so that you won't have to frown. I know the feeling is hard to cope, but I don't want to see you down. I know I may not be the smartest and I'm not the best artist, but I don't want my mistake to be the reason our love will tarnish. I am far from perfect and I may even be the farthest, but I feel like what we have is worth the hardship.

-Chandler W.

"Part I"A reflection may be the only thing crafted with perfection; not to say that what is seen hasn't been soiled with...

"Part I"

A reflection may be the only thing crafted with perfection; not to say that what is seen hasn't been soiled with thoughts of misdirection and submitted to them without objection. See, the past is similar to your future; we just have a cruel misconception that the good in things are always limited by involuntary imperfection. I know the feeling of being lost in conscience. I know the thought of failure makes me nauseous. I know you lose hope because of what you you see in Congress. I see my people running around mindless. The act like the world we live in is timeless and the people who "guide us" are the same ones that bind us; the same ones who embrace your blindness, want to see you spineless, constantly divide us, but stand in front of cameras like what's happening is just the result of another virus. Do you fall into the trap and accept being a victim because you're afraid to be against them? Or will you stand up and fight because you have no fear in doing what's right?

-Chandler W.


You've been fooled into worshipping false epiphanies simply because you don't want to approach your life mentally. You go through the motions because it feels right but you're afraid to let your light shine because others know that you're too bright. They see the power and fear it just like my energy drips from my words more than you can count in an hour but no one wants to hear it. I didn't come with a motive, I came with a purpose. You worship commas and show them that for a dollar, you're worthless. Take a break from the world and enjoy your life. Sometimes the things we love are stabbing us with a knife.

-Chandler W.


This isn't what you want to hear because it isn't the newest rap, but every line I write is enough to wake up society's mind from this everlasting nap. I mean it in the most humble way because I remember when my work didn't pay and that's why I write to brighten up the ordinary sinner's day. The moral of the story is to stay focused on the prize because the everyday people want you to think that the right decision isn't wise. They put put focus on male effeminacy and racial supremacy but no one wants to admit that the universe works mentally. What's in our hearts can change the death and the stressful days but we choose to make the wrong step and become stuck in our ways. Don't feel like it's not a choice because it all depends on the things you do. Regardless of the size, every decision you make is crucial. It's not a hard decision when you realize that one day you may face God's wrath. That's why I suggest that you cancel out your cons before the next dawn, add some more pros in your visibility on the road, but don't forget to double check your math. Far from my best and overseas from my last; the "L3gacy" is coming from energy from the past.

-Chandler W.

"The L3gacy" is coming...

"The L3gacy" is coming...

Perfect Creations and Accessories

Perfect Creations and Accessories

Perfect Creations and Accessories 'Back to School' giveaway. On August 18, 2017, one random winner will be selected.

To be entered you must 'Like' our business page. Comment 'Yes' and 'Share' this post.

1 - 4 Individual Pack Kleenex Tissue
1 - Dry Erase Board (Locker Size)
1 - Pack of Construction Paper
1 - Pack of Loose Leaf Wide Ruled Notebook Paper
1 - Soccer Ball Pocket Folder
2 - 3 Prong Folders (Black)
2 - 1 Subject Notebooks (Black)
2 - Composition Notebooks (Green, Yellow)
1 - Emoji Journal (Red)
1 - Emoji Water Bottle (Orange)
1 - 20 Count Pack of No. 2 Pencils (Wooden)
2 - 5 Count Pack of Zebra Colored Ink Ballpoint Pens
1 - 3 Count Pack of Zebra Colored Ink Gel Pens
1 - 3 Count Pack of Zebra Black Ink Gel Pens
1 - 2 Count Pack of Zebra Sarasa Gel Pens
1 - Bottle of Elmer's Glue
1 - 2 Count Pack of Elmer's Glue Sticks
1 - Personal Sized Germ-X Hand Sanitizer
1 - Pack of Index Cards
1 - Pencil Sharpener
1 - 5 Count Pack Sharpie Highlighter
1 - 12 Count Pack Bic Mechanical Pencils
1 - 10 Count Pack Crayola Fine Line Markers
1 - Pack Crayola Washable Water Color Paint
1 - 10 Count Pack Crayola Marker Broad Line
1 - 12 Count Pack No 2 Pencils (Multiple Colors)
1 - 24 Count Pack Crayola Crayons
1 - 12 Count Pack Crayola Colored Pencils
2 - 6 Pack Count Nestle Splash Flavored Water
Candy & Chips


Where I lay my head today is the same place that causes the many tears I cry. The things I say come from the part of me that wants to die. Everytime I enter the door, I remember nights that left me lost. I remember when I though happiness could be bought in a store and still feel the pain of trying to understand what this suffering costs. I know the pain of seeing no future hurts just as much as seeing your past. I write to those who let go of their excuses and decided to forget the opinions of the mass. I write to show that blessings will pour as long as you open your heart to receive more. Don't close an open door because you don't see success as your greeter. God is taking the scrambled mess in your life and already making it neater.

-Chandler W.



Sometimes we get distracted from life itself. We forget purpose and sentiment of the pursuit of wealth. We lose ourselves in the face of a dollar bill because we want society to recognize us as "real." The lust for something better makes us forget what we already have. We leave one for another but in the process, we forget to grab out other half. Why not cherish what's already yours and call it a day? Is it because you want what the rest of the world has or are you worried about what they'll say? Regardless of the reason, it's still not right. You left the one you loved to fight; a battle that you could've won as a unit. You say the opportunity to grab the lust of your dreams although the right decision crossed your mind and you knew it. Now you reminisce and you think about the feeling you've had ever since. You may ask how I know and the answer is that it was me. I look in the eyes of society and see a reflection from the past that takes my mind deeper than the bottom of the sea. Before the power and before the knowledge. When the pains of life showered and the daily challenges pushed me off the edge. I lost my sanity, but also my sense of pride. I learned to value humility rather than hide. I learned to share my emotions and I opened new doors. I prayed day and night that success and love would meet me at the shore.

-Chandler W.


The launch of a new movement in the pursuit of the establishment of an official studio will begin August 2nd. Be on the look out for new content between now and then.


"The Era"

I spawned with the hound that fetched my pain but feared so heavily that I would feel the rain from the gates of heaven and one day realize that life is bigger than the lucky number seven. No one can save you in life, not even the reverend. The only savior dwells above and tries to show us everyday the real meaning of love. We prefer to push and shove; away from the reality and into the darkness. The words I speak can bring you out of those dark pits. The only difference between you and I is that you don't see the beauty in the tears you cry. You see the hell in every drop and wish your dreams would fly. I bring emotions that money can't buy and that's why the legacy I'm building will never die.

-Chandler W.


"We the People"

We claim to work so hard toward our main goal in life, yet we sacrifice it all by letting bullets fly like words from the barrel of strife. So many losses that we scare the man who just wants to hug his kids and kiss his wife before life gets cut short by satan's fatal knife. An easy concept to be understood by the bystander, yet so complex to the person looking into the sight. No one likes death, but who is really going to fight? We sit and watch although we know what's right. Instead of standing up, we wait until the killer comes like a theif in the night and then we push tears and fight depression with all of our might.

-Chandler W.


"The Forgotten Man"

I don't need any reactions because they only cause distraction from the main thing I'm trying to give traction. I just want something stable, not a faulty contraption or anything beyond ration. Understand the feelings instead of seeing it like a fish and trying to reel it in. The goal isn't the to get the next best catch because the one your friend has may not be your match. Just find the vibe and fall into the motion because this thing we call love is deeper than the ocean.

-Chandler W.

"Time isn't money, it's priceless"-Chandler W.

"Time isn't money, it's priceless"
-Chandler W.


A Letter to My People

Where is the truth?
We see the evil, but where is the root?
Why must we fall in the trap,
When God has already given us a map?
The criminal mind takes a loss as a win;
The depressing emotion if never seeing them again.
We lose one, then take one, then blame the next man;
Case after case until even our own freedom gets a ban.
You see everything in a blur and wonder when is your end.
Maybe the wrong you've done is the reason you won't get in.
I know because I've been there...
And sometimes I find mysely living it once more.
I ask myself, "When will I finally shut that door?"
We give less but always want more,
So my letter to you is to find yourself and let your blessings poor.
Sometimes you have to stop trying to build amends;
Just focus on building the trend.
The average mind won't break; it will only bend,
But at its full power, it will always win.

-Chandler W.

"Laugh now, Cry Later"-Chandler W.

"Laugh now, Cry Later"
-Chandler W.


Fear of Failure

When do we fail?
When the pain clouds our own eye?
Or when we finally wish that we die?
Does the poor man beg for a dollar just to throw it away?
Or are his real intentions to use it to pave his way?
Why do we hold ourselves hostage when we all have a key to success?
Maybe we think that because we feel pain when it rains that we aren't truly blessed.
We only fail when we let go
Just because we feel like we couldn't evade the enemy's blow.
We stand down in fear.
Not because we don't want to die, but because we remember how much it meant when we first dropped a tear.
We remember that in our lives, sometimes less is more;
We rush so much to see our blessings pour,
That we forget to pick our hearts up off the floor.

-Chandler W.

A New Era

New content is up! Like and subscribe. More bideos are on the way!

What's up guys? This is a late upload, but I just wanted to drop something meaningful that I know y'all needed to hear. We'll be back soon with more content ...


A Dove's Cage

What is the balance?
What is the truth?
Where is the love?
Where is the faith?
Trapped in a cage, invisible to the naked eye;
Turning the page, looking for an answer to the simple question: why?
Why can it never leave the confines of reality?
Because the alternate vision comes with fatality.
Between the metal bars, the most desirable is seen.
His own mind spars with the lust to betray his own queen.
A desire to soar or a lust of a glimpse of the "good" life?
When the rain pours, does your heart flood with the feeling of envy and strife?
All common problems this creature faces,
Until finally the faded spirit dies and his dream is off to the races.
The only thing that the spirit left is the lust for love,
Carved in the image of a caged dove.

-Chandler W.

Perfect Creations and Accessories

Perfect Creations and Accessories

I had the honor today, of coordinating and decorating, the Deuteronomy Missionary Baptist Church Annual Father's Day Banquet and had a wonderful time fellowshipping.

Video - @StudioSanctuary
Catering - @Vernadette Pratt
Decorations handmade by Perfect Creations and Accessories

"A meal fit for a king..."Decorations & Event Planning - Perfect Creations and Accessories   Media -  Studio Sanctuary

"A meal fit for a king..."
Decorations & Event Planning - Perfect Creations and Accessories Media - Studio Sanctuary


Lost for Love

Do you truly want love or does it want you?
The two types of people only God can see through.
The one trapped by temptation but can't see the truth,
And the one looking for the star to make their dream come true.
Do you truly want love or does it want you?
Do you follow your own flesh or does it follow you?
Maybe the answer is within yourself;
Whether you want to open a new chapter or put the book back on the shelf.
Maybe you find yourself afraid of the thought..
Of admitting your emotions and showing that what you can give can't be bought.
Maybe you pray and maybe you cry;
Asking God for the reasons while you stare at the sky.
No matter who you are, just be you.
For both sides love, the only difference is who.

-Chandler W.


Dallas, TX


(318) 537-5724


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