Legendize Legendize is a "virtual agency" & network of internet marketers who specialize in viralizing content online.

Started by Jason N. Fisico, Legendize, LLC is an online network of internet marketers who specialize in viralizing content online. We reach out to talented social media influencers and small business owners who we really believe in and help them grow dramatically online through social media marketing, digital advertising, email marketing and sales funnels.

Gotta love the sales legend, Grant Cardone #LegendizeLLC #Happy4thofJuly

Gotta love the sales legend, Grant Cardone #LegendizeLLC #Happy4thofJuly

Work with me and my team to create your high powered sales machine that wins you FREEDOM.

I will include 1 Ticket to 10XGrowthCon2018 and 3 nights in Vegas. This offer is only available THIS weekend.

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What if the difference between *you living your dream* OR *forever wishing you did* was one simple phone call or one simple email?

If you knew it was that simple, would you pick up the phone? Would you write that email? The potential is there. It's just up to you to ACT on it! Contact us a today and see how we can help you make it happen! #LegendizeLLC

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Tai Lopez

A quick life lesson from the Social Media Marketing legend and industry leader, Tai Lopez #LegendizeLLC

The More You Learn, The More You Earn! Stay tuned for some awesome content coming soon!

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People these days think they know everything. They sometimes feel entitled. You have to train your mind to achieve your goals. The more you learn the more you earn.

Why Boosting Posts Can DAMAGE Your Page!

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Businesses & Influencers commonly make the mistake of boosting their posts on Facebook and Instagram! This is a very bad move that you should definitely avoid.

Boosting posts is a highly expensive method for obtaining quick exposure because it is 5-7x more expensive than running online ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, and Twitter. In addition, every time you boost a post, Facebook and Instagram will deplete the number of people you can reach so that each time you boost, you pay more to hit the same reach you did on the last boosted post.


*FOR A LIMITED TIME* We are going to reveal how we helped Justin GET 5K FOLLOWERS IN 5 DAYS! Click a picture to learn ho...

*FOR A LIMITED TIME* We are going to reveal how we helped Justin GET 5K FOLLOWERS IN 5 DAYS! Click a picture to learn how! #NauticalTraveler #LegendizeLLC

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Peng Joon

Our friend Pen Joon's got some solid advice for you! #LegendizeLLC

Don't reinvent the wheel. Reverse-engineer successful business models, but don't get so caught up in watching other people's success that you fail to take action yourself.


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Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.

How to Time-Travel on YouTube

***HOW TO TIME-TRAVEL ON YOUTUBE*** (w/ Kiana) #LegendizeLLC

Time-traveling definitely works if you can interpret it differently from what most people think of the term. This strategy works perfectly for those of you who want to become social media influencers but haven't quite started yet.

Why start now, and feel the pressure of having to constantly produce content, when instead you could produce all of your content months before launching. That way your posts could be scheduled while you sit back and do nothing.... or work on other projects that will again be posted months later.

The Secret To Fame On YouTube

The Secret to Fame On YouTube #LegendizeLLC

How is it that people like Tai Lopez blow up on YouTube out of nowhere? The answer is the "YouTube SEO Hack." It's a simple 3-Step Process that - if done correctly - will make your videos blow up on YouTube:

1) Lure people from different corners of the internet - through your YouTube video - and onto YouTube by posting your video as an online ad or by simply sharing it on your website or social media.

2) Make those same people stay on YouTube for the longest time possible. To do this, place the same video in a playlist. Viewers will either be automatically forwarded to the other videos in the playlist, or they might decide to scroll through those videos themselves. Another strategy to keep the viewers on YouTube is to include a verbal incentive to view your other videos or to include a music playlist for studying or working out. This way, if you're a fitness channel, for instance, you can get your viewers pumped and they will play your music playlist afterwards, therefore logging hours upon hours of "Session Time" for you.

3) (Session time is basically the amount of time that the viewers you brought in stay on YouTube.) With the way the YouTube algorithm is set up, the more session time you obtain, the higher up your videos will go in the searches, and as a result, your video views, subscribers, and engagement will skyrocket.

Use Hashtags Correctly For The Best Results On Instagram

The 5-minute window directly after posting on Instagram is ***CRUCIAL***. The more engagement you get in in that first 5 minutes, the longer your post will stay at the top of the newsfeed, therefore allowing you to get even more views and engagement. #LegendizeLLC

That's why it's important to use hashtags correctly - the hashtags will get you a good amount of engagement literally within the first seconds and minutes of your post.

If you don't use hashtags correctly, your post will quickly sink toward the bottom of the newsfeed and get seen by nobody.

Hopefully this video helps you understand how to use hashtags correctly.

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Gary Vaynerchuk

Here's a little Instagram advice from our friend, Gary V. Awesome stuff!

The huge amount of work you need to put in to win is very real and doing the thing I talk about in this video leads to huge opportunities for exposure for your business, Instagram account, side hustle, whatever .. whether you want to biz dev or you want shoutouts or collab efforts or something else, you don't get it if you don't ask and if you offer value first you have a better chance to have something good happen .. 🔥💪🏽❤️

The Modern Millionaire Business Model

The Modern Millionaire Business Model #LegendizeLLC

As a social media influencer, you can make $50-$200 per sponsor per post with 10k followers, $200-$5,000 per sponsor per post with 100K followers, and $15,000-$200,000 per sponsor per post with 1M followers.

Of course, that's only possible if you're handling your social media marketing correctly. If you have thousands of followers, but nobody's liking your content, viewing your pages, watching your videos, then your followers have no weight on what a brand would be willing to pay you to expose their products and services.

Stay tuned to learn more about social media marketing.
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Make Money Through Social Media Marketing

Make Money With Your Social Media Accounts! #LegendizeLLC

If you need some guidance in social media marketing to up your game in online presence, simply reach out to us or stay tuned for more informative videos!


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