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Operating as usual


BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Digital Digest will suspend publication until further notice.

Dirk D. Dazzler, journalist extraordinaire, has moved to New York to write for The Times. Our Editor-in-Chief has moved to Miami to work for The Herald (and enjoy the sun).

Dez and Dave will continue to do their award-winning and awe-inspiring journalism in and around Dallas, but their work will be freelance. DDD simply can't afford their services at this time.

While sad in many ways, this is the best course of action at this time. We hope one day to publish again, but until the return of Dirk and Edy (nickname for our Editor), we will pause. Thank you for your support.


BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Digital Digest contributing writer Dirk D. Dazzler has been hired by the New York Times.

More details to come as they break, but apparently he will join the editorial staff, and will contribute a weekly article to be co-written with Tom Friedman and David Brooks (a sort of three-way-piece that focuses on world events, politics, etc).

What this means for DDD is uncertain at this point. Stay tuned for developments...


BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Digital Digest's Editor-in-Chief has been hired away by the Miami Herald. He will assume similar role at the Herald.

What this means for DDD is uncertain at this point. Stay tuned for developments...


Dave's Sports piece abt to drop (finally)...stay tuned to your Daily Digital Devices.

Stars, Mavs, Rangers, and FC Dallas developments all covered. And he threw in a little Cowboys news for good measure...


Hey everybody....Dave here,

Listen, I've been in Surprise, AZ the past few weeks with the team (we look great btw). I sent my sports piece over to the TripD Printer almost two weeks ago now, and the latest I've heard is that both the Printer and the printer (ie the Man and the machine) are out sick. And apparently they have been since around 1995.

Due to their illness, it looks like publishing world just went ahead and digitized everything so that the information could still flow in our Age. Since I have been so busy lately (past decade or so, with sports and all that implies), this is all news to me. I guess I need to pay closer attention sometimes.

Anyhow...the long and short of how it relates to Dallas Digital Digest, I'm tired of waiting on the Printers to return. I'm gonna resend my sports piece (with appropriate updates from past 10 days) to our Editor, and he is welcome to publish it whenever he feels like it. Digitally of course.

David D. D.


Clearly there is a problem down in the basement (ie where the DDD printing press is located). Dave has assured the editor that the problem will be resolved asap. (Dave is in Arizona right now, with the baseball team, and is stretched thin himself....but he spoke with the Printer this morning, and everything shld be back in working order by sundown...or psbly sunup:-).

We apologize for the massive inconvenience this has probably caused. Thank you for your patience.

Well, Dez did it again. Nailed his AEC column with a review of Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District, and a th...
Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

Well, Dez did it again. Nailed his AEC column with a review of Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District, and a three-dimensional analysis of the disappointing movie Broken City...


by Dez D. Dazzler It is not by accident that Lockhart Smokehouse, located down in the Bishop Arts District, has some of the best beef, chicken, and pork in the City. Three of the primary reasons for...


DDD droppin tmrw...get ready for groundbreaking coverage of the City from Dez, Dave, & Dirk!


by David D. Dazzler
The new defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, Monte Kiffen, will indeed turn 73 next month. And it is true he struggled to implement his vision at USC out in California, which was his most recent stop on the...

Dallas Digital Digest
Dallas Digital Digest

Dallas Digital Digest

Shakespeare Dallas’ performance of Winter’s Tale at Harmon Hall at Winspear Opera House was wonderful


This week's Digest has been sent to press...look for it on your phone, tablet, computer, or other Daily Digital Device tmrw @ lunchtime.


Arts, Entertainment, & Culture
by Dez D. Dazzler
The biggest show in town this past week was Sarah Jaffe’s concert down at The Kessler Theater, on New Year’s Eve. The entire evening was a treat for the several hundred gathered in Oak Cliff. The...


by David D. Dazzler
The Cowboys loss to the Redskins last Sunday has continued to weigh on the collective sports spirit of Dallas. Much blame has been distributed to the owner, the coach, and the quarterback (and others) by the many Cowboy...


News & Politics
by Dirk D. Dazzler
The new year brought with it good economic news for Dallas. While our country has continued to suffer from slow growth for four years now, Dallas has been relatively insulated from the downturn, and continues to...


We are here, and are happy to be covering the new era of Dallas. DDD is a weekly publication that includes all noteworthy events and developments, as well as thoughtful analysis, from the previous seven days. Please read, give us feedback, and share DDD with your friends.

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