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We are focused on increasing your profits by helping more customers connect with you and make your business a success. We handle all the technical work to completely integrate your marketing efforts with your sales and customer service. Give your customers an excellent end-to-end on-line experience and grow your business today! Benefits to using our service: Increase your marketing channels with daily social networking Higher quality marketing and ROI Time to market is reduced More flexibility in your budget Let us do the technical work - you can focus on core business

Mission: We are on a relentless pursuit to implement the most efficient and cost effective processes for our customers so that they can become leaders in their market.
Why Midsized Firms Should Be Raising Their Game With Gamification

What’s one way for midsized companies to steal the march on much bigger firms in creating a highly motivated work force? By getting them to play games – and with one metric that shows whether they and their organization are winning or losing. Fortune 1000 firms are adopting gamification, but slowly.…

One of the first things a person will look at on the business card is the email address. If that card is using Yahoo (or...

One of the first things a person will look at on the business card is the email address. If that card is using Yahoo (or Gmail, AOL, Verizon, etc) then the prospect will immediately lower the credibility they feel toward the vendor. It is a natural self-preservation response we all have to avoid people that are a potential liability. When a prospect has only your face and your business card to make that judgement, and your card has mistakes or has any suggestion that you are marginal, then your chances of getting a second chance are significantly decreased.

I will be doing a keynote presentation on Inbound Marketing next week. Please let me know if you are coming, or visit th...
Cameron Breakfast

I will be doing a keynote presentation on Inbound Marketing next week. Please let me know if you are coming, or visit the Meetup page:

Inbound Marketing is a process of reaching your perfect audience with a message that they want to hear at the right time. You can’t just blast a million emails to random strangers and expect results –

Avoid Phone Scams | Cybercriminal Tech Support Scam | Security Threats

I just got a phone call from a scam artist that claimed to be working for "Windows" and he said (in his thick foreign accent) that my computer was infected. He wanted me to type in a web address that would let him take over my computer so he could "fix" it...but he could not tell me any specifics about me or my computer. Appearently this type of scam has been in the news and Microsoft has posted a warning so i will share it with you...

Avoid phone scams including cybercriminal tech support scams that call your telephone and request personal information. Prevent these and other security threats with help from Microsoft Security.


Are you a local business that wants to engage more with your community (potential customers)? One good way to do that is to use twitter search to find topics that you can contribute to - how you ask? Search for your county or city name, like #Fairfax or #McLean and see what other people are saying - and reply! If you offer information of value, then people will come to you (this is also know as inbound marketing). You should not post advertising or boasting on your social media - ask your customers to do that for you!


We got a new client today - a pharmaceutical company that wants to streamline their sales process. We are going to automate part of their on-line sales system and connect it with their warehouse so that they can process thousands of shipments in a few seconds.


I am going to be at a business networking event tomorrow morning with other business owners - we meet regularly to pass $3M worth of closed business every year. You should join me and meet my friends. Let me know if you are interested.

How much should you spend on marketing? That varies depending on the type of business you are in, your market, geography...
Social Marketing Support and CRM Integration

How much should you spend on marketing? That varies depending on the type of business you are in, your market, geography, competition, the current business cycle, and a bunch of other factors. I have heard numbers ranging as low as 5% for a B2C business, up to 15% for a B2B. You should start by making an amount you can budget to spend every month and then manage how you spend it by tracking the response. With today's technology, you have a plethora of tools available to measure your marketing campaign results in real time. I have written about some of these in my blog at .

We provide a complete marketing system as a service, plus we provide a marketing assistant so that you get the most benefit as quickly as possible.


Here is a mistake that is easy to avoid: Have you ever gotten an email that has the senders name at the bottom (a signature block), but not their phone number? More people use smartphones to read their email and sometimes a phone call is just easier than writing a reply. If you include the phone number in the signature block, most smartphones will let the recipient just touch it to dial it. It makes it easier for them to reach you. I once spent over 5 minutes going back through a bunch of emails because I could not find the number of a person that had emailed their phone number only once and all their replies just had their name.


From my Business Strategy 401 class: When the economy is growing, you can specialize more, then position your products or services as higher quality and charge a higher rate.


Make it easy for customers to reach you - always include a contact phone number in your email message signature block because sometimes people need to reach you quickly and if you make them take extra steps to look up your contact card or your web site then they may never call you and you will miss opportunities.


Americas mid-sized businesses are not getting the credit they are due. According to U.S. government statistics, the companies that create the most jobs are the fast-growing mid-size companies and yet there are elected officials that want to increase the taxes if you earn more than $200k. Think about that for a minute - if I had $200k income in one year, that is barely enough for me to hire 1 more software developer in my area for 1 year, so it would be nearly impossible to grow without putting myself in hock...or I could off-shore my work at 1/10th the cost.

Findlay Market

Findlay Market

Search - Getty Images

Getty Images has opened up a large part of their library for bloggers to use for free! You can sign up for an account and use the following URL to start searching for images you can embed. The catch is that you have to use their HTML code because it will caption the image with their copyright and social media tags. you should check it out:,rm&family=editorial,creative&b=ALLE,ARP,BONG,FLM,FMI,ENT,NEW,SPO,HGE,HRC,PPO,RETE,TGPL,WRI,MOA,RMA,OJO,PCF,RTF,ALLSPORT,APC,HG,ICO,PC,PHO,RET,TJP,FKO,FKF,FKM,FKS,FKE,ISI,VTA,EPL


Spreadsheets are a great way to start organizing information, but they are not easy to share. You could use Office 365 or Google Drive and they will keep track of changes, and you don't have to email the spreadsheet between people. If you need to attach a document to each row of your list, you can convert the spreadsheet into a list in Office365 which lets you do that.

Eccountable's cover photo

Eccountable's cover photo

Bear Creek is a great hike - 2000 feet vertical climb over a couple miles!

Bear Creek is a great hike - 2000 feet vertical climb over a couple miles!


If you are a B2B business, are your customers focused on the "top line" (sales) or "bottom line" (profit)? You need to make sure your message resonates with the kind of customer you want. Take a look at your "best" customers and share with us which kind you think they are.

Eastern District Court of Virginia

Jury scam warning: they call to tell you they have a warrent for your arrest and scam your personal ID on the phone:

Jury Duty Scam - Please Read Increasingly, calls are being made to the public from individuals who claim to be an officer of the court, stating that the person failed to report for jury duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. When the person denies receiving the summons, ...


There are 2 kinds of people, Turkeys and Butchers. The turkey expects to get fed every day. The butcher knows better. Which are you?


Rebecca made the top wind ensemble at Cincinnati! We are super proud of her!


Did you learn something interesting about #sharepoint? tell me @sug_dc and i will retweet it.


I am learning more about a programmable marketing premium that you can customize with your own logo (you know, like the "Easy" button)


Have you been trying to get a meeting with your dream client? I have a basket full of ideas - just ask me and I will send you the URL.


I am doing a special min-workshop on social media for BNI members



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