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What Up With The Herd

What Up With The Herd

Teenagers all want to wear the same sneakers, only the crowded clubs seem cool, everybody wants an iPhone... What is it about humans that they love to run with the herd? since you have been with the herd how many clients you had so far? how many orders have poured in? how high you rank in popularity compared to the competition?

Why Personal Trainers Fail?

Why Personal Trainers Fail?

ask me anything about your fitness or nutrition business and I will answer you....

Q&A Thursday's

Q&A Thursday's

ask me anything about your fitness or nutrition business and I will answer you....


We all need some of that in this time we living... without it we may to be able to stay focus on our life and business... Joe Dean-Bryson shared some cool tip on this episode how to change your mindset in 3 easy steps...


What's going on today? I know the world is on a lockdown...Not sure what to do?

I would like to hear from you what are you doing or do you have any plans?, comment below.

What's going on today?  I know the world is on a lockdown...Not sure what to do?I would like to hear from you what are y...

What's going on today? I know the world is on a lockdown...Not sure what to do?

I would like to hear from you what are you doing or do you have any plans?, comment below.


3 Tips to Getting More Leads Into Your Business

Finally, you did it. If you are reading this article, then you most have probably made the big decision to venture into your own business. As a start-up business, generating leads should be on top of your priority. Lucky for you, there are many ways for you to gather leads quickly and effectively.

We have rounded up 3 foolproof tips to get more leads into your business. These ideas can be used by any business of all industries and sizes.

Customized Email Marketing

One of the great ways to drive leads into your business is through email marketing, particularly personalized ones to the receiver. Studies have shown that personalized emails can yield up higher results with up to six times revenue compared to generic emails and campaigns.

Small touches like including the recipient's name and grouping your contacts by name, location and expressed interests by using your email platform are one step to driving more leads to your business while building brand loyalty to your target clients.

High-Value Content

Building your website's search engine optimization should focus more on creating high-value content. Show your knowledge of the business by focusing on the topic on hand. You should keep in mind that you are doing this for your customers. Include in your content only relevant information that your customers want to learn while offering tips and advice on how they can solve the problem.

Social Media Ads (Facebook, Instagram)

It is safe to say that Facebook ads are proven one of the best ways to drive leads to your business. Almost all who have access to the internet have social media accounts, so if you're willing to "pay to play" then you can gain access to specific lead target options that include a wide demographic of age, interests, locations and more.

Driving qualified leads to make your ads successful will heavily base on how you follow your data like creating an ad that is closely related to the content most people are clicking.


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How To Scale Your Fitness Business?


If you fail to plan you plan to fail... Discover 3 tips to successful planning..


What areas of your business should you invest your money in - in order to see it Grow Fast?


What's the best business model for you to be super successful?


Discover the 3 Key to managing a successful fitness business...


I'm sure you've heard that having an accountability partner can help you reach your fitness marketing goals faster.

But, have you ever wondered if that's really true?

Does accountability really help? Will it help you avoid stuggling from low cash flow?

The answer is that it can help, when you apply it correctly.

However, accountability sometimes backfires.

Everyone thinks that the best way to stay motivated is to find an "accountability partner" - someone to whom we have to report our efforts and results.

However, research has shown that trying to be accountable to someone else without a clear definition of what that looks like can actually demotivate us.

If you are going to seek external accountability, ask someone you care about to hold you accountable for a specific part of your goal (i.e. timeline, first steps or certain targets).

Read on, as I explain...

Behavioral scientists have found that naysayers can derail you from your goal if you encounter them at the beginning of your journey.

It's important to have positive feedback when you begin anything new.

However, did you know that even positive feedback can also have a negative effect on your progress?

Here's why.

There is a difference between having someone in your corner who will tell you how great you are and having someone who will give you genuine feedback.

While it's natural for the people you care about to praise you after you have announced your new and exciting target, be sure to surround yourself with people who will recognize specific progress you are making toward your goal. This is the important distinction.

"Empty" praise can hurt your progress. Praise like "good work", or great effort without any specificity can backfire.

Instead you need to have your accountability partner add how the great work impacted your fitness marketing efforts.

I suggest you try this new accountability approach.

Joel Levia


Is stereotype causing you to loose Thousands of dollars each an ever year?


10 Sign To Now If You are Stuck In A Rut..

1. Day to day, you don't look forward to much (other than maybe sleeping or just getting through whatever you're doing).

2. You'd like to get your creative juices flowing, but it seems someone left an empty juice bottle in the fridge.

3. Even though you keeping checking things off your to do list, it doesn't feel like you are getting much done.

4. Your days all blur together, and it's not weird to look up blinking and ask, "Is this Tuesday or Thursday?"

5. By the time you get "free time" you are too tired to do something interesting with it or are just plain unmotivated.

6. If you answered "How are you?" genuinely, you'd say something like, "Meh."

7. You fantasize about getting away (and not just away on vacation).

8. You'd like to add something new to your life, but you're sure that you'll never have enough time and/or energy for it.

9. You're getting sick of hearing yourself complain about feeling stressed, tired, and unfulfilled.

10. and the Number One rut symptom: Even though you think you'd be happier if you made a change, it's more comforting to stay the same and mope about it...

Struggling with Low Cash Flow?.. Here is why...

Struggling with Low Cash Flow?.. Here is why...


Struggling To Get Clients? (Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches)...



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