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Welcome to Good vs Evil. We’re an advertising & branding company with a strong focus on social good. We bring together talented folks from a wide variety of creative and digital disciplines to craft inspiring brand personalities and messages that resonate. We do this for NGOs and companies alike, that believe strongly in social good and making the world a better place. How do we do all that? - By helping build strong brand awareness. We are experts in building identities, developing advertising campaigns and getting the word out. We do this for NGOs, Community Programs & For-Profit companies that have committed social missions. - By forging sensible, mutually beneficial partnerships. We help find the perfect match between NGO’s and For-Profit companies. Then we bring to life what is uniquely exciting, fresh & powerful about the relationship. This can be experiential marketing / fundraising events / visual content / and perhaps even some screaming from rooftops. - By looking at the long game. Awesomely successful one-off events are great. But we also feel that community trust and support happens only when NGOs and companies are consistent with what they say and what they do over time.

Mission: Help good crush evil.

Good vs Evil's cover photo

Good vs Evil's cover photo


Would you rather be feared or liked at work? #goodvsevil #work #ethics

Good vs Evil's cover photo

Good vs Evil's cover photo

PepsiCo Exec Has Tough Words for Ad Agencies desperately hanging on to old, ineffectual practices.

PepsiCo Exec Has Tough Words for Ad Agencies desperately hanging on to old, ineffectual practices.


#beatthemicrobead You can find a list of microbead-free products here.

TY @rachelfeltman for creating awareness on #microbeads posing a major concern in oceans.

TY @rachelfeltman for creating awareness on #microbeads posing a major concern in oceans.

You probably own at least one piece of clothing from a fast fashion brand, but cheap clothes come at a greater cost. Fin...
Fast Fashion: Fun or Evil?

You probably own at least one piece of clothing from a fast fashion brand, but cheap clothes come at a greater cost. Find out more on this week's blog post!

Cheap clothes come at a cost

Super excited to be co-hosing Concious Magazines 3rd Issue Launch party! Happening August 12th @cmagazine #Socialgood

Super excited to be co-hosing Concious Magazines 3rd Issue Launch party! Happening August 12th @cmagazine #Socialgood

The New Math of Sustainable Investing. A very smart look at the future of business. @TheAtlantic #Sust...
The New Math of Sustainable Investing

The New Math of Sustainable Investing. A very smart look at the future of business. @TheAtlantic #Sustainability #NewCapitalisim

Thinking about sustainability isn't just about doing good anymore–it's about long-term profitability. (Sponsor: Morgan Stanley)

You might think #Uber and #Lyft basically serve the same purpose at the end of the day, but there are bigger differences...
Uber, Lyft, and the Social Media Frenzies

You might think #Uber and #Lyft basically serve the same purpose at the end of the day, but there are bigger differences between the two apps than you might think. Check out what it is on this week's blog post!

There are bigger differences between the two companies than you might think.

A thorough look into CSR by the Harvard Business Review. Companies and consumers alike can learn something new! http://o...
The Truth About CSR

A thorough look into CSR by the Harvard Business Review. Companies and consumers alike can learn something new!

Most of these programs aren’t strategic—and that’s OK.

In our blog this week: Shell got the green light to drill for oil. What happens next? #alaska

In our blog this week: Shell got the green light to drill for oil. What happens next? #alaska

Fast food workers seen as humans too. Now at $15/hour. A huge triumph! @thenation #fightfor15

Fast food workers seen as humans too. Now at $15/hour. A huge triumph! @thenation #fightfor15

Edition 3 of our blog is out! Any great campaigns from the list you've seen? Under Armour Unilever The ALS Associationht...
Top 5 Social Good Campaigns from the Last 12 Months

Edition 3 of our blog is out! Any great campaigns from the list you've seen? Under Armour Unilever The ALS Association

If you haven't figured it out by now, we here at Good vs Evil love smart advertising and branding, especially when it's focused on doing good. Here...


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Why is it... No Christian seems to know if the All knowing All powerful All loving All Merciful in total control Biblical Jehovah's "Jesus" was inside or outside of the schools during the recent school shootings and do not believe that this bible text is true James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is SIN Two steps to finding the true GOD Step One You must never doubt the existence of GOD but you certainly must doubt everything ..religion.. says about GOD Step Two setting aside all your religious teachings They have to be sacrificed... in order to come to the truth The Biblical Jehovah so depends upon your fear Yes, your fear of death and what happens after death and this is also the very key that will unlock the truths hidden from you Think about it... The Fear of jehovah is indeed the ..Beginning.. of Knowledge Because the true GODs Kingdom is based upon LOVE and not Fear The real reason Jehovah Yahweh didn't want man to have the Knowledge of Good and Evil was because... if man acquired the Knowledge of Good and Evil man might also attain the Wisdom to understand such Knowledge Such Knowledge and Wisdom combined would surely reveal Jehovah Yahweh to be the Imposter God The Awakening The battle that is actually going on is between the true GOD and the Biblical Jehovah and it is for ..US.. the children of GOD And the true GOD... in all "fairness" allowed the biblical Jehovah to go first in this great challenge between them. Jehovah immediately began boasting: Fear is greater than Love Jesus will triumph over Yeshua that the children of GOD will identify with a lesser god more like themselves who is angry wrathful vengeful jealous- and yes even kills and they will gladly choose to be on their knees before him rather than standing calmly in front of their Father a god who will never ever inspire them but insists that they are nothing more than dirt and any goodness that they might have is nothing more than filthy rags They will understand... that they live in a world... totally controlled by this "god" who is not responsible for anything bad that happens here they will give this "god" credit... for any good thing that happens and excuse his responsibility whenever or wherever any atrocities occur They also will remain silent afraid to ask the hard questions for hell and eternal suffering will keep them in line They will find him totally worthy... of their admiration and worship and will have no problem at all with his demanding blood, death, and a human sacrifice- as long as it is someone elses blood, death, and sacrifice and they will surely fall for his false christ who is actually Jehovah wearing the ..jesus.. mask after bringing about the murder the true Yeshua on the cross. So tell me... Are you a typical christian You believe in your bible and you believe in your "jesus" but you do not believe ..who.. the bible says jesus really is nor what your bible says about his real character and nature Is your "jesus" not really the old testament Jehovah? In Zechariah 12 JEHOVAH is speaking (verses 1 and 4) In verse 10 Jehovah says, They shall look upon ME whom they have pierced This can refer to no one other than Christ (compare John 19:37 and Revelation 1:7) In Isaiah 43:10-11 and 45:21 JEHOVAH declares Himself to be the ONLY SAVIOUR There is no other Saviour besides Him According to the New Testament, Who is the ONLY SAVIOUR (Acts 4:10-12) In Isaiah 45:21-22 JEHOVAH says, Look unto ME and be ye saved...there is none else In John 3:14-16 we are told to look unto the crucified One to be saved In Isaiah 45:21-23 JEHOVAH says that unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear In Philippians 2:9-11 this passage in Isaiah is applied to Christ, the One before Whom all shall someday bow and what about he true character and nature of the Biblical Jehovah/Jesus that your preachers purposely hide from you Do you have no problem... with the pagan jehovah having babies cut from the womb and then dashed against the ground or his commands such as... KILL everyone in the town if one person worships another God or I will cause such desolation in jerusalem that the people will have to eat their own children speaking of eating... Do you also have no problem with your Jehovah/Jesus feeding his darling children the ..dung.. that cometh out of a man And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight And the LORD said Even thus shall the children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles whither I will drive them (Ezekiel 4:12-13) Tell me truly... What kind of loving father would ever even ..contemplate.. feeding his darling Children sh!t Okay... if Jehovah is a pagan imposter How can know the true GOD? Behold, I am the Father of your spirit, even Emmanuel HOW TO KNOW ME If anything is said to come from me Look closely within it- If you find any kind of "fear" it does not come from me DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO 'WALK AWAY'? I accept one, and only one true faith from those who claim to be my "followers" and that faith... is the faith which affords all humanity the right "to walk away" fully knowing that there will be no condemnation whatsoever Any other faith is based upon FEAR I will never ever accept love based upon fear DID I HAVE A BEGINNING? Yes indeed my Children Try to name one thing in the macro-cosom or micro-cosom that you can point to and say- this has always existed and has never had a beginning WHERE DID I BEGIN? It has always been so easy and yet so many have missed it I began right here- on this earth, as a man As man is in the world ... I once was As I am now ... Man may become I am your future ... You are my past I evolved from the human race AM I A SINGLE PARENT? I tell you truly, no man can bring forth children unto himself except there first be some woman to take seed Listen and understand... In Heaven is there made to dwell, your Heavenly Mother the Great Mother Spirit, who whispers unto all our children- male and female DO WE HAVE CHILDREN? You are, our literal spiritual offspring and have the capacity to become just like us you were first, and foremost a citizen of Heaven yet, being in your present state- You are a sojourner from afar walking through a native land as a stranger WHY ARE YOU HERE? From the beginning of time... I desired that our children should inherit unto themselves a ..fullness.. of our Glory that they might come to a ..fullness.. of the Father and the Mother IS THERE AN EVEN DEEPER REASON? Absolutely... because the children of my soul were unable to perceive or full embrace with understanding the good which here in Heaven dwells for in their brief but happy life they have not known nor fully understood this glory in which they live for they had been given no ..opposition.. by which to compare the things of greatest worth Possessing in themselves no real understanding of all our goodness Why? for they know not evil having themselves no deeper knowing of all our joy for they know not sorrow, nor the darkness The time had come... when our children must grow and be fully knowing in the ways of their Father and Mother For what wise parent would even consider that all their children should remain as little children forever For even though such innocence proves natural and good still would it prove unseemly and hurtful in those which would stand full grown causing that they should appear as dimwitted and ill prepared in the handling of greater issues For this law proves ever constant: It is in the nature of all living things to grow and full mature HOW WILL THIS BE ACCOMPLISHED? I have prepared a way (Eternal Progression) whereby even all the children of my soul might become even as we are Mortality will be the where we shall send our children It shall be for them ... a school of Opposition and within this school of "Opposition" they will experience evil so they can find and appreciate good they will experience wrong so they can find and appreciate right they will experience sorrow so they can find and appreciate joy they will experience lesser so they can find and appreciate greater and they will experience an imposter god SO THEY CAN FIND AND APPRECIATE THE TRUE GOD Heavenly Mother speaking: Let us therefore, see for ourselves, the God which men shall choose to follow the god of wrath, or the God of Love the god of judgment or the Heavenly Father and Mother who even now call most tenderly unto them Let us see, by what path the children of men shall choose to walk The path of fear and servitude, or the path to endless glory and exaltation Thus, in this so far away, we shall give to each child, whether male or female, a multiplicity of lives And whosoever knows not good from evil, even they shall be granted the mercies of GOD for I shall cause that they shall come ..again.. into mortality that they might come to a knowledge of what is good and what is evil for I shall restore the soul of the fallen that they might dwell again among the living whereby they might eternally progress they will be born unto death, yet in their passing, they will be born again unto life and all those which believe this not- the same will not find me And they shall return again and again unto this world passing from life to death to life again even till they shall find me death is appointed unto all the living and life is appointed unto all the dead For we sincerely desire that the children of our soul see mortality and mortal life as a school where they might learn for themselves the way which is greater still And all those who shall ..embrace.. this truth which comes from above even they shall see mortal life as some school only and in that ..moment.. of understanding shall they see no need for desperate acts of judgment, reproach, nor inhumanity of any kind seeing that now into their keeping is this knowledge For in the knowledge of heavenly things is all fear made of no effect And in the wisdom of God is life made to become most joyful and filled with promise for this would I have even all to know, that in the death of the body is there not some final ending but only the awakening unto some other life IS THIS SCHOOL ON A WORLD THAT I CREATED OR CONTROL? No... This is a "school" of good and evil- with many atrocities of all kinds and because of this, we decided that our children must be fully knowing and aware of the ..atrocities.. that they will see, hear about, and even possibly experience in a world that is ..not.. controlled by the hand of GOD Those who choose to come to mortality progressing to becoming like us will have their memory veiled Sure I can and perhaps will intercede in certain circumstances but for the most part you are on your own and will have to ..experience.. those bad things that perchance come upon you This is how you will learn This is how you will become stronger I even put ..limits.. on the things your guardian angels can do while you attend this school of "Opposition" for the mortal life is a school filled with constant learning, causing that each child should know for themselves the weight of many oppositions Thus did I restrain the angels from intruding much too far but do permit that they should touch the life of the child they watched just once every day and in that touch... bless or instruct, protect or enlighten the child for which they cared You are here to learn- to choose good over evil the greater over the lesser I have created Jehovah, to rule this school of Opposition He will be the lesser little god with all the lesser traits of sinful man- angry, wrathful, vengeful, jealous, and yes will even kill in the blink of an eye He will demand blood, death, and a human sacrifice and reign with a government based upon fear- Your Fear This enemy will hate me and wish to kill all of you immediately but Satan who fell will actually help my cause... as he will convince Jehovah not to kill mankind and be alone- but make them his blind servants of fear- thus...the Bible and Religion Now listen very carefully... Our ..GLORY.. is our INTELLIGENCE We will be watching to see whom it will be of our Children attending Mortality... that will use ..some.. intelligence- to look ..past.. the lesser little god who kills, demands blood, death, and an human sacrifice- to find us- the GREATER GOD WILL I LEAVE YOU ALONE? No... I will come to dwell in mortality as Yeshua and begin to teach you the way that you should go and your Heavenly Mother (HOLY SPIRIT) will be whispering within your ear My teachings will be the ..undoing.. of Religion and it's lies Jehovah will murder me on the cross and switch masks to become Jesus- The False Christ continuing the deception of almost the entire world Many will be fed the great lie of Blood Atonement Please, Never Ever forget this... It is not my blood that gives you eternal life It is my words and my example that gives you life For such exaltation as I would give comes ..not.. by reason of my death upon the cross but it is my word which gives eternal life for the words which I speak are spirit, and they are life What shall it profit a man if he believe in my death and burial, or if he take delight in my resurrection but does not do the things that I teach For I have left unto all who will an ..example.. that they should follow in my steps that they might become even as the ..Only Begotten.. Hear then and understand this mystery that you may learn great wisdom to shed blood does not atonement make I did not lay down my life as many will be taught I WAS MURDERED Truth can be found... Sharper than a two-edged sword and truly it will offend many- who really aren't looking for it-nor really want it Religion's way to Me... is based upon my Murder and Death My way to Me... is based upon my Life and my Example If you really believe, that I Yeshua (whom many believe to be Jesus) ..had.. to die for ..your.. sins Then you are "in agreement" with my "murder" by religion and the imposter god of man's bible and if you are "in agreement" with this ..atrocity.. You are also ..guilty.. of the crime itself Even the very thought of being ..washed.. in my blood is atrocious as is the ceremonial cannibalism... of drinking my blood and eating my flesh As I depart, I have somewhat more to say to thee Read it slowly and ponder it greatly and I will see you shortly when you return home For Heaven is your truer home and the angels are your brethren and in a place beyond your dreams you walked beside your GOD let go your fears, set free your doubts and open wide your heart for here in the great eternal do many Gods await ever hopeful with outstretched arms to receive you once again A FINAL WORD The Precious Blood of the true Yeshua Did the precious blood of the true Yeshua- whom many of you ..believe.. to be Jesus pay for all Sin for all time (Past, Present, and Future) If the Sacrificial System was true and forshadowed what the true Yeshua would come and accomplish Only a Priest in the lineage of Aaron could transfer all the sins of the children of Israel to the head of the Sacrifice Lev 16:21 And Aaron shall lay both his hands upon the head of the goat, and confess over him ALL the iniquities of the children of Israel and ALL their transgressions in ALL their sins, putting them upon the head of the goat Question: Were the sins that were being put upon the sacrifice committed sins or non-committed sins Answer: They were the "committed" sins of the children of Israel It was those sins and only those sins that would be gone forever Since this one sacrifice, had nothing to do at all with the ..future.. sins of the children of Israel The same ceremonial sacrifices would continue as the children of Israel committed future sins Now, follow me through on this... When the true Yeshua met John the Baptist at the Jordan River who was indeed the very ..last.. Priest in the lineage of Aaron- Did he or did he not... take the sins of the world upon his head at his Baptism Were the sins that John the Baptist put upon Yeshua the committed sins or the non-committed sins of the world They were the "committed" sins... of the entire world Yes the sins of the entire world that had been committed- Those sins, only those sins As forshadowed, this sacrifice had nothing to do with the non-committed sins of the future If the Biblical account was true... Then Yeshua, your sacrifice... had to have the "committed" sins of the world on his head before he was killed His sacrifice would be meaningless to the world if he was killed without the sins upon his head Let's go back in time... to the Sacrificial System and imagine this If the Priest was lazy one day and decided NOT to put the sins upon the head of the sacrifice- but decided to just kill it and be done with it Would this be acceptable to Biblical Jehovah No Way The sins had to be ON the sacrifice before it was killed- no other way would be acceptable than the very way Jehovah required it to be done Now then.. Let's say the Priest had a change of heart... and felt guilty for not having performed the ritual exactly as God had required it to be done and so he went to the already ..dead.. sacrifice and proceeded to now put the sins upon it- AFTER IT WAS ALREADY DEAD Can you tell me... that you really and truly believe- that this secondary effort would be acceptable to the Biblical Jehovah NO WAY So tell me... Why is it that most Christians are taught to pray daily putting their sins upon a sacrifice... THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN KILLED Is this after the fact effort ever going to be accepted by the angry wrathful God of man's Bible NO Only those sins ... that were on the head of the Sacrifice before it was killed would be gone to the satisfaction of the Biblical Jehovah Here is the ..LIE.. of "It is Finished" Here is the ..LIE.. of "Blood Atonement" Upon the Death of Yeshua the Salvation of the Human Race was completed The required ..payment.. of Blood and Death for sin- should have been immediately satisfied at the very moment Yeshua was killed And there's another big problem with this lie of blood atonement... Any future sins of the people living at this time not to mention the sins of those not even born as yet could never ever be put upon an already dead sacrifice Thus, we would have to have another Sacrifice, another Savior, another Murder- Nothing was ever FINISHED... Ponder this for a few thousand hours: Yeshua You and your ..truths.. of the true God will ...not... be the "undoing" of our Church We will murder you and replace you with Jesus and the entire world will believe in him over you Jehovah's reign of fear and servitude will continue and your name and your memory will be forgotten Who will you send and who will listen to them as the entire world has already been deceived Because any God having "chosen" people is a racist The true GOD loves all Humanity Any "God" that demands.... that his followers look not for another God is only afraid that you might find them Any "God" that demands... Blood, Death, and a Human Sacrifice to somehow appease his anger.. is a Pagan Imposter Any "God" that demands your Worship/Love based upon your ..Fear.. is a Dictator I tell you truly... the true God tells you to- Get up off your knees You are my Son/Daughter and not my servant and the true God never ever said You didn't choose me, I chose you but actually said... I didn't choose you, You chose me so tell me truly... What Communion has Light with Darkness Good with Evil Love with Fear Hope with Despair GOD with Jehovah Yeshua with Jesus.