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Bunch Marketing Solutions The Great House Publishing, Inc. our company can be characterized as a high caliber sales and marketing business specializing in professional production of highly effective materials for the general audience.

As a company we will produce at industry standard while offering seven-star excellence in the field of management and first-class customer service.

As a company we will produce at industry standard while offering seven-star excellence in the field of management and first-class customer service.

Mission: BMS is an American Economic Highway Multinational Webservices Technology Company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These sales and services include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of its profits are derived from marketing and advertising, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results.

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here we go

here we go

Bunch Marketing Solutions

Bunch Marketing Solutions

Bunch Marketing Solutions's cover photo

Bunch Marketing Solutions's cover photo


New York, NY


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FOR TWENTY-FIVE (25) years Bunch Marketing Solutions(BMS) have been providing the marketing services and promote products. We have developed a cultured understanding of the power of the media and are constantly been involved in interviews, radio and television advertising, print advertising, city-tours, television and radio satellite broadcast and print publicity campaigns. Our notoriety and influences of popular and missionary cultures are increasing and we believe this is the right time to reach the demand that they are creating and to serve the need.

As we step forward on the full course of ONLINE BUSINESS a story is evolving that will describe a brand developed over a course of time and the evolution of its overall corporate activity. Bunch SEO Marketing & Advertising services the interest of Bunch Marketing Solutions and BMS Mangoes Marketplace. This is in conjunction with the corporate Vision of The Great House Media Group of Publishers and The Great House Publishing Inc.

How did we go from the Mom and Pop corner store to conglomerate Walmart, Target and other national chains on every corner?

Much of traditional marketing practice prior to the twentieth century was based on rules-of-thumb and lack of information. Since then, information technology has become the marketing frontier, providing new channels of communication as well as enhanced means of collecting and analyzing marketing data. As a result, marketing specializations have emerged, especially sales versus marketing and advertising versus retailing. And of course, our purpose together here, Niche Marketing.

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