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Single for EP III

Cyrus World Wide's cover photo

Cyrus World Wide's cover photo


Tu ma!!!! On some real puertorican sh*t!!! enjoy mother f**

Born In Harlem and raised in the Boogie Down, Cyrus, is everything that his name defines: wise, prolific communicator and visionary. With the relea...


EPII dropping 3.28.2014 the conclusion to EPI. Make sure you download it share it and like the CVSHMOBB page




I hope you enjoy

Download Now !!!! Click here: Track List: 1. Broken Hearts - Fame 2. Free Style - Cyrus 3. Lookin Ass Bitches - Cyrus 4. No No - Swave ...

Cyrus World Wide's cover photo

Cyrus World Wide's cover photo

Lookin Ass Bitches - Cyrus World Wide

Ofcourse I had to say something...

Born In Harlem and raised in the Boogie Down, Cyrus, is everything that his name defines: wise, prolific communicator and visionary. With the relea...

Me and. Fame...

Me and. Fame...

Me and Fame #cvshmobb

Me and Fame #cvshmobb


going to my safehaven tonight #woflpack #cvshmobb


Follow me on the gram... @cyrusworldwide1


Thank you henry for being my 200th like...


#cyrusfacts i started working on music professionally after I was laid off from an excellent job...


I hope you have a safe and vlessed memorial day with tons of drinks and fun...

Thats how you do it.

Thats how you do it.


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Submit photos throwing up the cvshmobb "V" to [email protected] Ill share it on my instagram @cyrusworldwide1

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One fan at a time thank you all.


I didnt forget you.


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New York, NY


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Hiding behind custom biohacking drones ordered online and through various other biohacking black market trades. “Voices in the head” has been declassified and debunked as electronic biohacking through electromagnets, radiation, drones and neurophones funded and powered by criminal Fusion Centers, Scientology, and radical extremists terrorists around the world. This was thought out to be a medical condition that is often confused with schizophrenia or another mental illness. But I challenged the theory and discovered that the public has been heavily misinformed. If a person never had a history with voices in their head that were not of their own voices, and they have proof of their attackers transmitting these frequencies, how could it be a medical condition if the person has evidence of the voices being transmitted directly to his/her skull? So, not only the voices are there, they are also instructing people to either murder, rape, or traffick themselves to one of the many fusion centers, human/sex trafficking homes within undisclosed locations, “ghettos”, and Sea org divisions that could be in any closed off homes, (homes with unusually active activities) so they could focus and convert their captives through a series of abuse and ritualistic routines 24/7 everyday. They force the individual to impregnate one of their paid prostitutes that are doppelgängers to their targets. They do this to raise another human into being another drug addict/trafficker, born and raised into the criminal network so it’ll appear more natural to kill, traffick and brainwash victims. They pretend to be on the victims side, but they really are not. They all have an illegal drill instructor that only teaches the trafficked “warloot” abuse, rape, and how to torture. More on this.. Please be safe.