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Why retractable awnings are so handy for the home

Retractable awnings are cost-effective shade solutions that are typically used in residential properties. They are used to protect homes from harsh elements and to expand a particular area like a deck or a patio without permanently altering the structure of the house. They also do not require obstructive support poles. They are designed so they can be mounted directly to a house and then expand over a certain area.

Retractable awnings are typically made from durable fabric and which use aluminum, steel, or wood and are generally custom made to fit the width and length of the area that the customers wish to expand.

Another reason why these awnings are handy for the home is due to the fact that they can be readily used whenever needed. For instance, if you want to use your deck to entertain visitors outdoors but concerned that the sun might get too hot during the event, simply extend the retractable awning for instant shade. When not needed, such as when the climate is pleasant, you can retract the awning.

These can be useful and can give you a great outdoor space where you can unwind without having to worry about the weather. Aside from protecting you against harsh outdoors elements, retractable awnings can also be used to protect outdoor furniture, cars, and carpet to minimize damage from the sun.

Benefits of using retractable awnings for your home

Although we appreciate sunny weather and like to be outdoors as often as possible, sometimes the blazing sun prevents us from doing so. This is where retractable awnings become extremely useful. They can provide you with that much-needed shade so you can entertain guests outside your home, protect your kids from harmful sun rays when they’re playing outside, or simply enjoy the warm weather outside without worrying about getting sunburnt.

Other benefits include:

Help you reduce your home’s energy consumption helping you save money.
Offer both short and long-term outdoor space solution without costing a fortune.

Awning Info: Awnings can save homeowners cooling energy costs
Awning Info: Awnings can save homeowners cooling energy costs

Awning Info: Awnings can save homeowners cooling energy costs

PAMA Energy Study: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand of Awnings and Roller Shades in Residential BuildingsFinal Report includes:- Four types of awnings - Five types of exterior roller shades - Three types of windows - Four window orientations - Energy Information Agency 2010 utility prices by...

Awnings Info: Residential Design Gallery
Awnings Info: Residential Design Gallery

Awnings Info: Residential Design Gallery

A PAMA awning professional will be able to provide you with information about awnings and canopies that fit your lifestyle, home and budget.


How to Choose the Right Awnings for Your Home

Awnings are both decorative and functional – serving as a way to polish the look of your patio, yard, deck, or balcony while also providing shade and protection from the outdoor elements. Among the important considerations when it comes to awnings are location, style, and the material used.

Where to Install Awnings
On a porch or a patio, an awning can be ideal for protecting your outdoor furniture and extending your outdoor space. These can be fixed or stationary awnings or free-standing awnings that can be used and then packed away. Awnings can also be placed over windows and doors and entryways to offer protection from the sun, wind, and rain. By doing so, you can cut heat from windows and slash energy bills.

Colors and Materials
When choosing colors and materials, it’s important to consider the weather the awning will be exposed to along with the general style and color of your home. In most cases, it’s better to have lighter colored awnings because they do not trap heat and actually help to reflect the sunlight. They also tend to look cleaner longer than darker awnings.

At Franklin Awnings & Signs LLC, we offer a color palette that includes different fashionable awning shades and with many different patterns.

We encourage you to visit our showroom and utilize our team to help you get the perfect awning for your home. Call us today at 718-528-5100 to learn more.


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The definitive shading machine with sun on demand is the retractable awning from Franklin Awnings & Signs LLC. You'll not only have cool and calm shade, you ‘ll take pleasure in the exquisiteness and high-quality durable frames, powder coated in selected colors with canvas in style and colors to fit your personal look.


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