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Born in McDowell County West Virginia to a Scots-Irish hillside farmer and logging man. The youngest of 10 children, Davis was taken care of by her maternal grandfather, who lived with her family until he died when she was five years old. This period of her life left a lasting but beautiful impression on her entire life.

I thought when I finished The Beckoning Hills that it was the last one, but I received so many requests for a fourth book that I am now writing a fourth book. It is titled Farther Along and will continue the Lucinda Harmon story

I'm excited to be a part of A Celebration of Appalachian Arts this Saturday, June 22, at the Russell County Convention C...
A Celebration of Appalachian Arts

I'm excited to be a part of A Celebration of Appalachian Arts this Saturday, June 22, at the Russell County Convention Center located at 139 Highland Drive in Lebanon, Virginia. It will be a one day festival, 10 AM to 4 PM, open and free to the public.

This event will showcase books, paintings, crafts and many other totally Appalachian talent. For a special gift for yourself or someone else this venue should have something to please everyone. Hope to see you there!

A Celebration of Appalachian Arts Thank you for your interest in our first ever art festival to celebrate our regional artists and our Appalachian culture and history! The event is scheduled for 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday June 22, 2019 at the Russell County Convention Center located at 139 Highland D...

Friends, remember to come find me at Bluefield College's Celebration of Appalachia tomorrow. NOTE: Due to expected rain ...
Adda Leah Davis

Friends, remember to come find me at Bluefield College's Celebration of Appalachia tomorrow. NOTE: Due to expected rain during the event we will be inside the Harmon Chapel.

Hello friends, I'll be at the annual Bluefield College “Celebration of Appalachia,” daylong festival on Saturday, April 13th. Open to the community and featuring local artists, crafters, musicians, cooks, authors, storytellers, outdoorsmen and and many more, the Appalachian Festival will run from 10 am to 4 pm. Do stop by!

Hello friends, I'll be at the annual Bluefield College “Celebration of Appalachia,” daylong festival on Saturday, Ap...
A Celebration of Appalachia | Bluefield College

Hello friends, I'll be at the annual Bluefield College “Celebration of Appalachia,” daylong festival on Saturday, April 13th. Open to the community and featuring local artists, crafters, musicians, cooks, authors, storytellers, outdoorsmen and and many more, the Appalachian Festival will run from 10 am to 4 pm. Do stop by!

Music, lectures, storytelling, artisan exhibits, craft sales, book signings, country cooking and other family fun designed to recognize and celebrate the rich history, culture, people and traditions of Appalachia.


haven't written or even commented on much of anything for several weeks. My sister had colon cancer and had to have surgery, my brother was in the hospital, and all my children had health problems, so I've been otherwise occupied. I have written two chapters of Book 2 in the Fatal Beginning book. I had to end Book 1 since publishers would rather have a book such as I write to be no more than 300 pages. My readers are saying they need the rest of that story, so I'm working on it. I also found a publicist and need to do some synopsis on my books before she can get started. As you see I stay busy. Please don't give up on me and forgive me for my lapse in writing.


A Fatal beginning is out and if you don't love the little girl on the front you must be numb. Ha! She is beautifuil and has such soulful eyes. The book is $12.00 plus shipping if you order a printed book. It is also on Kindle and I think on Amazon, but I haven't checked. If you wish to order from me send me an email at [email protected].


I'm almost finished with A Fatal Beginning, a prequel to The Fatal Series. It is the Magie Meadows Story and was intended to be the 'beginning' of the Fatal Series, but some people thought it was too dark when I showed a few chapters so I started the series with Hannah Larkin. Margie Meadows kept persisting that I need to tell her story, so now it will be out sometime this summer. I hope you will love Margie the way I do.


I have a new book for children that will be in my hands by January 8th. It is "Rocky's Lesson" a story of how a little squirrel helps a boy overcome the loss of his mother. This is truly a lesson for each of us if we would try it. I have and it works.


I haven't been on Facebook for quite a while. I'm working on a requel of the Fatal Mystery Series. I've also been trying to do as many events as I'm able to do. I will be selling b ooks at The Cedar Bluff Festival on September 16, 2017 and hope to see lots of my friends and fans.My books will be on sale.

Adda Leah Davis's cover photo

Adda Leah Davis's cover photo


The first book in The Priory Heritage Series is out. A Heaven Sent Wife is the title. There is a trailer that will be coming out on You Tube and I think I can put it here on Facebook if somebody will teach me how to upload it. I just tried to add some pictures and they did not show up. Do you think I just may be too old to learn all this new techie stuff.


I know I promised to keep you updated about my book, but I haven't been able to get anything done. Yesterday morning I returned the first edit with the rewrites requested on my book to Christian Faith Publishing. I appreciate their edit and suggestions. The rewrite cleared up a paragraph that wasn't as clear as it needed to be. I had missed that before I submitted the manuscript. That's why I like to have an editor. Usually I write the story and then send it to an editor. It is very difficult, I think, to edit one's own work. Some people say, 'Read it aloud.' I've tried that, but found that I read it as it should be rather than the way it really was without realizing I had read it correctly.

Anyway, A Heaven Sent Wife is one step closer to publication and now I'm getting anxious. I hope my readers find this book as entertaining as I found it to be while writing it. Truthfully, I laughed aloud all through that book even though it deals with several cultural issues that I hadn't seen addressed in a regency romance before.
I'll not promise to write again next week for fear that I'll be labeled as someone who doesn't know how to tell the truth. We'll not get into that however.


I've signed on with Christian Faith Publishing and my new book "A Heaven Sent Wife" the first book in The Priory Heritage Series is going through the process to publication. From the Literary Agent who I met first to the Publication Specialist who is working with me at present, I have felt an instant sincerity and caring. This, I think, will be a slower publishing process since the entire company is dedicated to making one's work all it can possibly be. This company also liked three of my children's books and will work on those after this first publication. I'm so excited and feel heartfelt relief that, at last, I have found people who want to really help me with my gift of writing. I intend to do updates at least once each week, now that I have some encouragement from a publisher. Until I made contact with Christian Faith Publishing I would have given up had it not been for all of you devoted readers and friends and also I felt that my gift to write was not given just to me, but for the benefit of others. I fervently hope that some of you out there have found pleasure, a new understanding of some issue, or at least a belief that God does bestow gifts on his people.


This message is for our veterans in all branches of service for I wish to express my undying thanks and gratitude. God gave us a beautiful country in which to live and you veterans have kept it safe for us through the years. May God bless each of you in some special way on this day of remembrance. Thank you, thank you.


My email has gone haywire. I have 250 messages from Dave Taber or whatever his name is. I can't get anyone in to fix it until tonight. I think Windows 10 tried to download and messed up the works. Also I'm sorry to say that Avon did not take my book. They must have considered it since they kept it 3 months and their literature says that they reply immediately if they don't like it at all. They said that my manuscript did not fit with what they are publishing right now. It may be because it has the religious theme, but who knows. I can't reach out to another publisher until my email gets fixed, so as of now I have a completed very humorous book with a christian aspect resting on my computer. I have a back-up copy though. If anyone has any ideas please share them.


Gosh, I don't seem to be able to get back to sending a weekly message at all. I've worked for over an hour trying to get the word out to people who would like to win some money. Truly, if any of you out there will only send some story, poem, memoir, or an opinion piece in to Addie Davis at [email protected] using the guideline at the following website listed below you may end up being one of the winners. I'll bet you take a chance in playing bingo so why not take a chance on writing something. If you win, we'll brag about it and if you don't we will never tell . . I PROMISE.


I did well at the event held at the Church of God in Princeton on Saturday. Thanks to all my friends and the many wonderful people who stopped by to talk and lots to buy books. I like to hear from my readers so please let me know your thoughts on my work. If people don't like my work then I must be doing something wrong and need to correct it, but if they like my work that also means that I have to make the next book better. I want to keep people reading my work.

I made a mistake on the blog site below. It is One day I'll learn all this new st...
2016 Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium

I made a mistake on the blog site below. It is One day I'll learn all this new stuff. As of right now I can tell you that my four books in the Lucinda Harmon Saga are on Kindle and also can be purchased from Amazon as well as from my website at or send me an email. I will be moving Abigail's Redemption to Create Space as well, but it is a long process. Thanks to all of you who have read my books and shown your appreciation. I have lots of events planned for April. I'll be at the Holiness Church in Princeton on April 2nd, Bluefield College on April 9th, Grundy Library on April 14th, The Red Bud Festival on April 16th and the Better Living Show, Brushfork Armory on April 29th and 30th. I hope to see all of you sometime during all these events.

June 10-11 Enhancing Pride in Appalachian Literature and Culture


I have a favor to ask of all you great friends of mine. If you write, want to write, or if you have someone in your family or a friend who dabbles in writing please send them to to see the guidelines. The prizes are good and we love hearing from all of you. The entiries do not have to be grammar perfect and besides your name will never be revealed unless you win and then we'll certainly sing your praises. Sixth grade through Twelth grade are permitted to enter. I'm the Coordinator of the contests and I would love to get a ton of entries.


The four books in The Lucinda Harmon Saga are now on Kindle and Vicki Fletcher gave them a special look. I'm thinking of moving Abigail's Redemption to Create Space as well. I haven't written any today since I seem to have a virus or something and just don't feel creative. I don't really know if one has to feel creative to write, but it couldn't hurt.


NOTICE! The series which I call The Lucinda Harmon Saga will soon all be on Kindle. They have been moved from Mountain State Press to Create Space and I've proofed all except Farther Along and almost have it finished. They have a new look thanks to Vicki Fletcher, the computer guru among other talents. They show up on the Create Space site, but I haven't checked on Amazon yet.
Also I'm still working on The Irish series "The Many Shades of Green."


I'm sure everyone is really confused from my last two posts. After going over my material I realized that the end of this story had to have a connection to someone in the beginning. I don't suppose it had too, but in order for the ending which I've known forever to take place I needed a relative or somebody and so Aggie became that somebody. I like Aggie and you will too.


I made a decision and have begun work on the Irish saga again. The first book is Aggie's Futile Search. Agnes, or Aggie, is Beth Riley's aunt. Thus begins the tale of how a girl with Irish lineage, Beth Riley,happens to be raised in Mountain Mission School in Grundy, VA. I'm on Chapter 4 and it is moving right along.


Ooops! I should have read the post before I hit publish. I know there are three if not more, mistakes. Sorry. I got carried away about my delimma.


I wish I had a writing mentor. Perhaps if I had someone like that I could be steered in the right direction on this next series. I don't know whether I should start the series with Beth Riley's story or begin with her father's story and thus her b ackground. I'm working on that series again and I'm working on Jamie O'Reilley's story. He is Beth's dad and the story starts with Jamie and his twin sister. Somebody out there gie me some idea of what should come first, please


The book has been sent to Avon Books, but I will not hear anything until the last of March, if then. Today, I went back to the series titled, The Many Shades of Green which starts in Ireland but comes to the US. The daughter Beth Riley ends up being raised in Mountain Mission School. in Grundy, VA. I have 47 pages of her father's story finished and more than that of Beth's story and some on the 3rd book. This is a big project and it was started several years ago. I could not forget it, but another idea would get me side-tracked for short periods. I know that story so well, but sometimes the people involved hurt so much that I have to put it by for a while. It isn't all sad, by any means, but life does have its sorrows.


Good morning! I've taken care of so many things for the last few days that I have forgotten my own name. My husband did, oil changes, vacummn repairs, changed light bulbs, light fixture repairs, rotating tires, and on and on . . . I'm learning, but I don't like it. I have the book finished as well and Devon Langford finds that age doesn't deter a smart woman. Ha! Now, I have to run this book through Grammar check and submit it. Did I mention that I am taking a water color class, but perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned it since I'm not very adept at keeping water where it needs to be.


The snow has stopped and I am so thankful. I guess if we had been suffering from drought I would have been thankful for the snow, but then aren't all humans pretty much the same. We all want everything to be nice and pleasant every day of our lives, don't we? Guess what! I'm on page 164 and my book is almost finished. Devon Langford is a stubborn man, though and hard to convince, but Priscilla, who he thinks of as a child, is one savvy lady and I'll bet she finds a way of getting what she wants.


It is cold, I'm still working on A Heaven Sent Wife, and trying to float another idea that came to me someitme last night. I'm not going to say anything about it until I check to see if it has a chance of coming to fruition.So it goes. The mind never stops imagining the "what ifs and hows" does it?


I've been writing. I'm on page 129 of A Heaven Sent Wife and soon I'll submit it. Please wish me luck. I've been working on this for about 8 months now or perhaps more. Sometimes an idea comes to me and I only get the title down, but if it keeps coming back I eventually start and finish a book. I've been working on the Beth Reilly series called "The Many Shades of Green" for about five years now. I have lots of the first book done, a great amount of the second book, and some of the third and I will finish it. While working on this book I went into the first book and worked on something that was bothering me. For comic relief I'll stop and write something funny; mostly a poem or short story save it and go back to serieous stuff. I know, I'm wierd, or so I've been told.


I forgot to tell you that my hero has a new name. It is Lord Devon Henry Langford and called Dev by friends and most of the family. I'm nearing the end of the book, but I'll go back through it and make some improvements I hope. I'd forgotten that the hero in the first Irish book is Jamie and I've been working on that too long to change him now.


I am on page 110 of the first book in The Priory Heritage Series. This is set in the regency period in England and Lord James Henry Langford "Jamie" is rebelling against arranged marriages. He is especailly against the betrothal arranged by his father and the guardian of Lady Priscilla Waynestaff, his future wife. If you love a good story and a lot of laughter this is one you will want to read.


I received confirmation today and was told I would be receiving an order from Tamarack. I want to go there for a book signing event, but I think I wait until around Easter if they have an opening.


I took Fatal Choices and Second Chances to be juried into Tamarack on the 17th. I don't know how long that will take, but since the other two are there I think it will be approved.


Geneva Lambert won the book and I had a great day and saw lots of my friends. Today, Dec. 8th I went to the Reminescent Writers Group meeting and we had such a good time. Linda Hoagland gave me a little angel trinket box which I will always treasure as well as a great Buchanan County Cookbook. Having friends who do unexpected things is so special and not for the big things they do, which are many, but the things like my little angel. We had great food and Hazel Bostic gave each of us a crystal ornament and Brenda Musick gave us a beautiful candle. Everybody gave cards and their love which means so very much. If you don't have a group of friends like our group you really don't know what you are missing.


204 Valley Rd
Russell County, VA

General information

The first and second books in "The Fatal mystery series is now out. The titles are: "A Fatal Love of Place, A Fatal Web of Deceit, and Fatal Verdicts and Second Chances. The seting is . Wyoming and Raleigh Counties, WV, but the content is applicable to any area. Check out the poem This is the place I love."The price is $16.00 and it was published by Abbott Press, a subsidiary of Writers Digest. It is on my new website which has a shopping cart if you click on more. Of course you can still email or call me and purchase that way if interested. A new book is just out "Fantasy Stories of the Life Cycles in Nature, Making Science Enjoyable" I has four short stories dealing with the Water Cycle, Life Cycle of the Butterfly, Tides in the Oceans, and the Moon Phases. I am working on the third book in the Fatal Series and it will be out sometime this spring. Abbott Press is still the publisher for this series.


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