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As a Marketing Automation Solution Architect for Silverline, I help our clients with all aspects marketing automation ranging from technical setup and implementation to training and long term strategy. While we focus on Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot, we're able to leverage a variety of tools and applications to deliver quantifiable results. Silverline is a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner headquartered in New York City with experienced, innovative consultants around the world. They are focused on developing powerful solutions, deployed on the Salesforce Platform, and robust third party apps. Silverline's results-driven methodology leverages best practices acquired by over 1,000 implementations, with significant expertise in industry verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, and solutions. Additionally, Silverline offers popular AppExchange applications and industry-proven Fullforce Certified accelerators.

Mark Hoxie's cover photo

Mark Hoxie's cover photo

An incredible read regarding #GDPR! Come for the compliance, stay for all of the great MarTech and Digital Advertising d...
Discover the Digital Media Market’s Key Areas of Change & Development

An incredible read regarding #GDPR! Come for the compliance, stay for all of the great MarTech and Digital Advertising data... #digitalmarketing #adtech #advertisingresearch

Theorem’s Trends and Insights Report is based on in-depth market research and the utilization of our Market Panel. The goal: to understand market needs, developments, and concerns directly from advertisers and agencies.

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Check out my summary of Pardot's Spring '18-ish release!

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Mark Hoxie's cover photo

Mark Hoxie's cover photo


Day 53: If part of your job is cold calling face to face and knocking on doors, try approaching your potential customers unarmed. That is to say, don’t show up with a backpack or briefcase of information. You’re far more likely to be shut down if you look like you’re prepared for a sleep over…
Try walking in with nothing more than your business card and pocket sized notebook that can spring to action if need be.


Day 52: Think twice before you bash the competition. If your customer is currently using their product, you're going to put them on the defensive by making them feel stupid about their decision.

Instead, focus on the features and benefits of your product or service that eclipse the competition. They'll be aware of those shortcomings without your prompting.


Day 51: Make propositions in a way that your customer feels like they're making a decision on their own, not because you've found a fit. Example:

Instead of-

"I think it would be a great idea for you to attend our upcoming event."


"Do you think it would make sense for you to come to our upcoming event?"


Day 50: Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know." People can see through fabricated answers and misinformation can cost you a customer and in some cases, your job.

Let you know your contact that you're going to get an answer for them. When you're prospecting, saying, "I don't know," gives you a prime opportunity for a follow up call or email to further your conversation!


Day 49: Take advantage of continued training your company may provide. While it may seem like busy work that takes time away from selling, it will help you over the long haul. Your company also wants you to be selling so they wouldn't waste your time if they didn't feel the information was critical to your success.


Merry Christmas!


Day 48: Make sure your proposals contain several options so that the decision moves from "yes" or "no" to "which one?"

Instead of naming the three proposals A, B, C, or 1, 2, 3 - try giving them names with meaning such as:

"Efficiency Plan"
"Transition Package"
"Full Implementation"


Day 47: Stay away from overused sales phrases or else your contact may start to shut down or put up some walls.

"Should I write this appointment in pencil or pen?"

"What's it going to take to get you into this new car??"

Communicate like a normal human being and you'll do just fine!


Day 46: Take a positive path to uncovering pain. Instead of telling your client that their current product or process stinks, simply ask them to tell you about it. Follow up with:

"Great, how is that working out for you?" If you're not blatantly digging for the negatives, chances are, they're going to open up and give them to you.


Day 45: "He could sell ice to an Eskimo..." Sounds like a great salesman, right?

Wrong. He sounds like a conman who perpetuates the stigma of a salesperson.

Educate people who may NEED your product or service instead of trying to sell for the sake of selling.


Day 44: Always ask for referrals! If your customer has made a purchase with you, chances are, they liked the way you did business. Going with this presumption, most people will be happy to put you in touch with a colleague or two.

Already comfortable asking for referrals? Take your process one step further - ask for personal introductions!


Day 43: If you're not engaged with a lead, try leaving vague voice mails. If you tell them why you're calling, they may write you off based on their assumptions about your product or your intentions.

You're more likely to get a call back over the sheer vagueness of your message than you are to have "sold" someone via voice mail...


Day 42: Do your best to avoid sounding scripted over the phone. While you may use a script as a guideline, make it your own. If you're held to stricter standards and cannot vary your form, do your best to read slowly to sound as if the dialog is coming to you naturally as part of the conversation.


Day 41: An inside salesperson once asked me why he was having no luck and he asked me to listen in on a call. It was probably his 30th call of the day, all of which had been unsuccessful.

The call sounded exactly like you might expect the 30th call of the day would sound following 29 unsuccessful calls...

Take a deep breath and reset your demeanor after each call. You may know you've had a rough day but your customer or prospect doesn't know unless you project it.


Day 40: Do your best to mirror and match your customer or prospects tones and mannerisms over the phone an in face to face meetings.

Animated and excited people want to talk to animated and excited people! And if you've got someone who is a little softer spoken, tone down your conversation.


Day 39: Depending on the volume of sales you conduct, send a personalized thank you note to your client. It takes very little effort and money and with less and less communication taking place via mail, it will certainly resonate with you customer.


Day 38: As a sales manager, you should treat your position as a support role. It's your job to lead your team by providing them the tools and guidance they need to succeed. Instead of focusing on goals and numbers, focus on the skills, actions, and activities that will deliver the results you're looking for.


Day 37: Don't PowerPoint people to death! A few bullet points are just fine but if you're going to be reading paragraphs off the projector, you're going to lose your audience.

Keep the content simple and don't try to "wow" people with fancy animations.


Day 36: HIRE A VETERAN! Specifically, members of the infantry make exceptional sales people. Hard work and operating under pressure is nothing new to them. As a part of their transition back to civilian life, these brave soldiers are typically told by their counselors that they are best matched with careers in either law enforcement or sales.


Day 35: When preparing a sales resume, focus on the sales related functions of your non-sales experiences.

For example, if you worked as an administrative assistant, mention the sales reports you compiled for management and leave out details about tracking product shipments.


Day 34: Terrified of cold calling? Find an email address and send an initial prospecting message. Follow up in two to three days so that you can be, "calling in reference to an email..." which can help you get through some gatekeepers and give you a starting off point with your contact.


Day 33: Negotiation is not just about getting the sale. If a customer wants a price reduction, get a commitment to signing the deal before the month is out. If they're trying to get net 30 terms, make sure they're signing up for a warranty or support program.

Giving a customer whatever they want just to secure the sale is not negotiating!


Day 32: Talk to an accountant about what kind of expenses you can write-off. You'll be happy to learn that salespeople are entitled to tax rebates similar to those of small business owners.

Save your receipts and keep a good mileage log for your vehicle!


Day 31: Don't become an unpaid consultant. Salespeople tend to jump through every hoop put in front of them if they smell the potential for the sale. Some people on the other side of the table know this and will lead you on just enough to get as much information as they can. They will pump you for info on their competition, industry happenings, markets, and anything else they might expect you to know.

Work with upfront contracts and be sure they have some skin in the game early in the sales process!


Day 30: Write down your personal goals. Write down your personal goals and put them somewhere where you will see them each and every day.

Yes, you'll have goals set by your managers but nothing is more important than what you want to achieve personally. Those desires will drive you to hit the numbers management is looking for as a sidebar to what you set out to do for yourself.


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