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At Team NEO we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and product excellence. We will construct your custom website without all the stress and work with you until you love your new custom website. Our process is simple and fast. Contact a professional at Team NEO today to learn how we can bring your website to the next level today.


Launching a new website is an exciting experience, Team Neo takes steps to increase your businesses exposure, and search ranking before the new site even goes live. Team Neo utilizes Meta tags - hidden programming code easily read by search engines that include the top 20 keywords in their order of significance to your business. The use of top keywords enable your website to be found when potential customers search using those keywords, driving traffic to your site.

In addition, by creating a greeting for your site-under-construction with the top keywords, your user-friendly website will have already gained a higher ranking by the time it launches. That is just one more of Team Neo's advantages for your business to gain ground fast, and not one that every developer uses.

If you have invested money into a website, and seen very little increase in your revenues, it is a reliable sign your website developer handed you a site without adequate keywords. A lack of keywords is similar to purchasing a great looking car without the keys - or the engine that drives it.

Team Neo puts you in control with the amount of SEO and marketing you select, and we guide your business on its path to success. We can increase your Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP), or you are free to choose another developer without additional cost, and you will not need to wait for a contract to expire. Team Neo does not require a contract, ever. We believe in gaining your business and satisfaction the old-fashioned way, by earning it.

If you are stuck with a penalized website, we can help. Team Neo specializes in correcting the errors and penalties a former developer caused you. Has someone spammed your site straight out of its SERP existence? We can handle that too. A new website is not always required, and we will provide you with what you need, a new website, or repairing your existing one. While it is not always a cost-effective option, a Team Neo specialist will be glad to inspect your site, and give you our opinion.

An additional service Team Neo offers is competitor analysis. We will identify your competition, their site, strengths, weakness, and marketing and give you our honest opinion, and a strategy to surpass them by providing you with a strong online presence. Your website is the online door to your business, and an excellent tool to increase your revenue, and therefore your profits.
If you are interested in learning more about how Team Neo can help your business grow, contact the SEO and marketing specialist who acknowledges our success depends on yours.


Are You Receiving the SEO You are Paying for?

A common question among business owners is "How do I know my SEO provider is giving me what I pay for? Blogs are often a part of SEO that you pay for, and simple to follow up. It is the other aspect of SEO that clients are so often denied, even though they are paying for them! Generally, even a penalized site should rise in its Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP), though it is highly unlikely to reach the exalted page one-position one attainment while penalized. When a site is penalized, it will reach a specific page and stalemate. The issues behind the penalties will have to be resolved by your SEO provider before it can continue its climb upward.

However, resolution of penalties is not a guarantee of a continued upward journey. The ability of your site to increase its ranking will depend upon other factors, website age, for example. If a similar business has a 10-year-old website versus your 3-year-old site, they are more likely to hold the number one position as long as their SEP provider does their job. However, the situation is not without hope. Business owners tend to change SEO providers quite frequently, and there are always web developers who claim to be able to do more than your current provider is. It is buyers beware issue, because the larger portion of SEO providers is lying about their abilities.

If your site is climbing, or has reached page one, do not let a honey tongued salesperson convince you they can do better. Unless you have issues with your current provider, stay with a provider who has put forth honest effort to increase your revenues.

So often, business owners hire a web developer to build a new site, and even though they are warned that the average site could take up too a year to reach page one depending on their target market, when their contract is up they feel it has taken too long and will hire a new provider. It is similar to hiring a runner to carry a package to end of the finish line, and 2 ft. from the finish, you take him out of the race and insert a new runner. If the new provider is genuine, of course your goals will still be reached. The question is could the new provider have attained the success of a site without your former provider laying the foundation for success? Furthermore, there is always the problem of the new provider being inexperienced, or slothful, in which case your rankings will begin to fall.

Team Neo began its journey on penalized websites, and literally cut its teeth on sites other providers had given up on correcting. Daily training in our beginnings expanded our knowledge to beyond what the classroom or an apprenticeship provides. In the end, knowing what solutions to provide for other SEO providers mistakes assisted us to avoid the mistakes in the first place.

For example, when another business is "piggy backing" on your success by establishing links for their business to your site, your website is penalized. Is your SEO provider telling you this business has posted thousands of links and it will take months to remove them all? If so, it is time for you to hire a new SEO provider. Team Neo could remove that company's links in less than minute but of course it could take up to a month maybe a little longer for those links to vanish. Yes, it is true, and if your provider is saying otherwise, either he/she does not have the experience they claim, or they simply want to ride your SEO money for a longer period, or is simply slothful, and obviously not dedicated to providing you with the best SEO possible.

The fact is there are a few SEO providers who are extremely good at their job. Unfortunately, they are far outnumbered by those who do not know how to provide you with the services you need, or they simply do not care. For them it is all about the money. This is why Team Neo never requires a contract. We are dedicated, and want you to give us a good reference and other recommendations. If you are not happy, we want you to be free to move on to the next developer. You may wonder why, and the answer is simple, most of our original clients are still with us, year after year, they have stood by Team Neo.

Team Neo is not a huge company, and we have no desire to be a large company. Once you reach the point of hiring others to handle your accounts, you lose the personal touch, the ability to call your developer at midnight and say "Help! My site has crashed!" When you call Team Neo, you are highly likely to hear "I know and I am already working on it." This brings to mind an additional reason for our long-term clients - our sites rarely have issues. A power outage for our server once caused the sites to be down for a couple of hours. New software updates crashed our sites twice, and this is over a period of 5 years with our current server. How many times have you found a site nonfunctional when trying to make a payment on a credit card or check your bank account? A lot more than we have, we would venture to say.

SO the next time you see you ranking remains stagnant, or worse yet continues to slip in its position, don’t listen to your SEO providers false claims of “being on it” for the past 3 months. Give us a call, we guarantee you to receive 100% honesty, and no contract required.

The true spirit of the holidays is about giving. This is why from now until 01-31-15 Team NEO will be offering new clien...

The true spirit of the holidays is about giving. This is why from now until 01-31-15 Team NEO will be offering new clients a FREE basic website and a FREE domain name for the first year.

The offer includes up to a 5 page basic website which will include a homepage, blog, contact form and up to two more pages to the clients liking. All that is required is one (1) year of hosting paid upfront that will also be discounted to $239.88.

Give Team NEO a call at 1-205-419-5850 or email us at [email protected] to lock in this deal today.


Let me tell you a true story, this is a classic example of a scam at work with your website. This is happening as we speak to my husbands employer. Two years ago they ordered a website, with a massive parts listing, and a high price tag.They pay an enormous amount annually to continue the catalog listings of parts for visitors to the site to order. For 3 weeks the website has been down. They pay the fees to a guy named Leonard, who supposedly built the site. The problem is, it is all a lie. Leonard did not build the site, a lady who works for the online parts catalog built the site.
The site is down because Leonard did not pay the company who actually built the site and keeps the parts list up to date. These guys have lost this revenue with the site removed, and Leonard is hiding out. Leonard is not a website designer like he claimed. He was unable to answer ANY questions about the site. He was a middle man, nothing more. It is nothing less than a scam and theft, and personally I hope they press charges against Leonard.
This couple doesn't have $110 K to start over. For two years nothing has been updated on it, except the cost of parts once annually. They went from a million a year in revenue to nothing. It had increased this past year because I took the time to update their listings for Manta, BBB, Business Finder etc... After all, it just helps to ensure my husbands paycheck, right?
Their website however, wasn't even visible on Google, because no SEO was provided, nor any updates. But they were paying enough to have received it. The owners wife has tried for the past 18 months to get the sign in information for me to provide them with a blog, and she never could get it from Leonard. That is because Leonard doesn't know it. He was just a middle man, not a website development firm.
It was plainly on the site who provided it, and the name wasn't Leonard. You'd think they would have noticed right? Unfortunately, these things happen all the time.
I am so happy Justin is honest with his clients. I raised him, if he weren't I would take it as a personal failure.
The good coming out of all of this misfortune to two good people is they will be using Justin, and Team Neo will advance their business, because Justin always does for his clients.
Take my advise, keep records of your payments and contract with your SEO provider. Look for the updates and changes you have paid for. Check your blogs and ensure they are being posted. Watch the language on it, work that has been subcontracted out to cheap foreign labor tends to be missing the adjectives. If you aren't seeing any progress with the SEO you are paying for, call Justin, he can tell if you are receiving it. I have seen my son track down a secretly subcontracted account to the very street address in Pakistan.
Be careful who you deal with and don't be scammed out of your hard earned money. If Team Neo can help you, you know the drill.


How to Protect Yourself From an SEO Scam
SEO Scams are Abundant, Know How to Protect Yourself
Business owners are constantly harassed by SEO firms trying to ply their business. Unfortunately, understanding SEO terminology does not make all providers qualified. Numerous people seem to think a few months of SEO experience with a genuine provider makes them an expert. Sadly, some college graduates with a degree in various computer fields are a total flop when it comes to building a website or providing SEO. SEO takes patience and dedication as well as skill and knowledge. It takes time to keep up with Google requirements routinely. It has been estimated that up to 98% of all website development and SEO firms haven't updated their methods or looked at the new algorithms in at least 5 years or more! Business owners who lack internet skills have a tendency to fall a victim to these SEO scam artists. These artists are completely ignorant of search engine optimization, Google’s algorithms, or how to advertise your company's services.
To prevent your business from becoming a victim of an incompetent SEO scammer, it is important that you gain understanding of SEO and new requirements. This will enable you to screen the SEO company you wish to hire, and to clearly inform them of what you expect. Request they install Google Analytics on your website and give you access to it, this will enable you to view your traffic charts and all sources of traffic on a regular basis to evaluate whether your SEO is worth your time and money.
Failure to deliver results on time is a red flag
It is a common occurance for businesses to invest thousands of dollars for marketing and receive little revenue gain due to an inexperienced SEO provider. One sure sign is when they fail to deliver results on time because they lack the experience, and use outdated methods of optimization. It is also common for SEO scam artists use black hat SEO techniques in an effort to rank their client sites higher in a shorter amount of time. Black hat SEO isn't worth it in the long run, and is likely to get your site penalized, or even barred from the internet. These SEO scammers do not have the ability to target keywords and use the appropriate coding to grab Googles attention, or prospective clicks on your site.
When it comes to marketing, the SEO scam artists do not know how to research keywords or how to generate more leads and sales. Furthermore, they won't know all of the potential sources of traffic. A genuine SEO provider will know this, and will also help with Local optimization and Social media to expand your marketing arena.
Watch out for the SEO scam artists and rely on a SEO provider that has done sufficient work to provide exceptional work for your business as well as an honest business relationship. When you are ready for an SEO provider and/or an attractive and user easy website, contact us when you want to see how it is really supposed to be provided. Remember, we don't require a contract, and a basic business website is free for SEO clients.


Take advantage of the holidays by posting a blog promoting your product as a gift. Think about it for a moment - what are the 3 large gift days each year for a couple? Birthdays, an anniversary and Christmas of course! Start generating interest now by posting blogs on your products. In the service industry? Don't overlook the obvious! Post photos to increase the psychological imprinting of your services and ideas. Need ideas? Team Neo can help.


The success of your business's web presence depends on a great website that is user friendly, and an effective online marketing strategy. Let's look at some of the key features of effective SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a core practice of marketing. You can consider it the elevator that takes you to the pinnacle of the climb - a page one position called search engine results page (SERP). SEO involves numerous processes and requires dedicated time on the clock to ensure your website complies with Google practices, and uses every white hat advantage available. Without the invested time, your climb will be slow, if it climbs at all. A portion of SEO is programming, keywords, new content and a blog.

While additional time can be invested, the SEO on an average account will be 40 hours per week. That is the online time invested to increase your business's web presence, ensuring your website is among the first to come up when potential customers search for your service or product.

Programming and Keywords
Potential customers are more likely to remain on your website long enough to make a purchase or select your service when it is attractive and easy to navigate. Providing information customers can use through content and blogs will gain further clicks on your site. Consequently your position moves up, and as the amount of clicks increase, so does your SERP. However, this is but one of the numerous means of increasing your SERP.

Simply having a website will not help your business a great deal, viewers must first be able to find your website in order to visit it. This is accomplished through program coding and keywords to name a few of the means. The use of top keywords is important, though using a top keyword may not have immediate results. The reason for this is competition on the internet.

For example, plumbers typically have a lot of competition. When you apply the use of the top keywords with an extremely talented SEO provider you may see your website reach page one in a few months on the lesser searched for top keywords. It may take up to a year to see your site on page one for the first few top keywords. A consideration in how long it takes your site to reach the pinnacle page one will in part depend upon the amount of SEO invested. That is the fee you pay for SEO, and it directly correlates to the amount of time the provider places into your account.

Given that the amount of SEO can move your SERP up, you may wonder how can you afford SEO when your business is struggling to make ends meet. The most important factor is to ensure it is moving at all. If you are unable to afford a lot of SEO, start small and increase it as your revenue increases. It may take your business longer, but the point is to get it moving upwards period. A well built, accurately programmed website using keywords and a blog will gain momentum with diligent SEO. Struggling businesses would benefit greatly from 20 blogs a month, but perhaps couldn't afford it. Two a week should be the goal if possible. In the absence of ability, even one a month is an improvement over none.

Competition Can Slow Your Growth Online
When your business has competition, it extends onto the internet. I have seen $10,000 per month SEO accounts drop in their SERP position below a $1,500 month SEO account. This simply means the lower cost provider's dedication was invested in time well spent. The fact is, not all providers give you what you pay for. Quite often they will get your site up and running, provide a mediocre blog of a paragraph or two while you send them the monthly check. The fact is, if you are paying for SEO and your SERP is not advancing, hire a different SEO provider. No progress typically means no work is being provided on your site.

Numerous business owners find themselves locked into a contract for a year with providers who provide nothing. You end up waiting until the contract ends and take a gamble on a new SEO provider. When you are not receiving results these providers are wasting your time, your money and in our view, they are stealing from you while hindering your business growth.

Have you found yourself dropping a provider only to see your website's SERP fall through the floor? There are several possible causes for this, and the most likely are:
A) The new SEO provider is not providing the services you contracted for.
B) The former provider has used black hat SEO to "punish" your website for leaving.
C) Your site has been spammed by someone, though not necessarily the former provider. Spammers link their clients website to top websites to gain entry to your online visitors, advancing their clients at your expense.

Explanations B and C can lead to your website being penalized, or even blocked from use. You, your provider or your former provider may not be the cause of the actions leading to penalties, but the penalties will remain until the causative issues are resolved. Team Neo can resolve the issues, and it isn't every SEO provider that actually can. Restoring a website that has been penalized is a process that Team Neo specializes in.

If you are in this situation you may be considering starting over with a new domain name, and it is a realistic question to ask is it worth it to save a penalized website. If it is an established site - generally the answer is absolutely. A new domain name is starting over at square one. A good SEO provider can rank its position fast, but your current domain can generally be cleared and recovered, gaining ground while retaining its loyal viewers.

Blogs are a great way to increase your web presence. Blogs provide information for viewers and keeps them coming to your site. It offers the opportunity to use top keywords drawing them there, as well as lessor keywords to draw visitors who otherwise would never find your site.

For example, let's say you are an HVAC contractor in Birmingham, AL. A top keyword is air conditioning with 16,600,000 searches per month on this keyword. This means a lot of people are using the term air conditioning in the search engine. They may be looking for tips, repair, service or a new AC. When the winter months come it remains a top keyword though few persons are interested in AC, they are interested in a furnace or heat pump for example. So why does it have a higher number than furnace at 5,000,000 clicks or heat pump at 823,000? You may be thinking, how do you use air conditioning when it is 25 degrees outside?

You use it with what is needed, apply the code to 'air conditioning', and add the use of furnace and heat pump for example within the blog content. For example, "Annual maintenance is recommended for your heating and air conditioning system to maintain peak performance, providing the best possible energy efficiency and extending the longevity of your home's HVAC system." This is one example of code, the words within the code will appear in bold on your website. Coding gains Google's attention, and if the website passes the test, moves its position up. Numerous factors result in your sites grade, including content, code and the information provided. If your blog writer is a horrible speller, not only will you lose viewers, your site is likely to be penalized. An occasional error will not hurt your site, but a poor writer will.

A poor writer (or even worse a poor, foreign writer) could write the above information in this way: Regular maintain is best for heat and air condition purposes. Have your heat and AC serviced yearly to make it work better, cost less to run, and make it last longer.

Notice the lack of "ing"? That is a clue your account has been outsourced to another country. The poor grammar speaks for itself, and makes your site, and business look bad. Potential customers are likely to wonder if your technicians are as poorly trained as your writer.

A writer doesn't require a degree in English composition. In fact, overusing big words that the average viewer won't understand is an additional factor frowned upon by Google. The use of transitional phrases and professionally affiliated words is tolerated, as long as it doesn't sound too college level, stuffy and cold. Content and blogs should be well written, but be understood by the average viewer.

Product sales require an entirely different approach. For example, if you sell carpet, tile and stone products how can you provide information beyond the typical product description? Have you noticed how most such websites provide a brief description and little else? A site visitor may learn what a product looks like, what is it composed of (e.g. ceramic), and possibly even how it must be installed (e.g. stick on tile, thin-set mortar). Keep in mind, visitors want information, give them more than information, for example, you can provide them with inspiration in the case of flooring and other home improvement products, furniture, accessories or etc...

Provide photos of completed jobs, and best of all, provide them with a blog that places a product you sell and possibly install right in the category of their style. Paint a picture with words, provide tips as well as the facts about the elements of a particular style.

Build up your products, for example perhaps you want to sell more stone products. A blog profiling stone may read in this manner:
"The enduring quality and elegant beauty of stone can be used to provide classic elegance, timeless beauty or a rustic ambience to your home. Once firmly situated in kitchens, baths or foyers, stone is at last receiving the recognition it deserves as a durable and beautiful alternative for both floors and walls of almost any room."

The blog could then profile a particular stone, the potential uses in various styles and features such as the recognized colors of a specific style and the most appropriate stone products that would complement the style.

In this presentation success lies within the blog writer's ability. The best writers research the product or service if they are unfamiliar with it, establish the information a consumer will most likely want and provide an original article for your site. The ideal writer is the latter kind who also possesses a wealth of knowledge on various subjects. No writer will know it all, but a good writer will know a lot and be willing to research a subject they are uninformed upon and gain at least a basic understanding.

We hope you have found this information informing and beneficial. Team Neo is ready to take your call, and our services are available free of any contract.


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